Provider for tax-sheltered retirement

I am required to choose a provider to invest with for a tax-sheltered retirement program. Can anyone offer advice/preferences from this list of providers?:

The Hartford

I can only choose 1 for the first year, then I have the option of diversifying.


This is in the US, I gather?

What sort of plan is it? a 401(k)? If so, this would be an unusual situation. Usually there’s one provider (an investment house, such as ING or whomever), with a number of choices of for individual investments you choose from - e.g. different mutual funds etc.

Are these annuities that you’re funding perhaps? If so, you’d want to look into the companies’ credit-worthiness. I believe AIG was one of the ones that got bailed out recently, so I’d be leery of them.

Check the fees associated with each provider. I suspect you’ll find TIAA-CREF fees are substantially lower.

I’ve been with TIAA-CREF for 26 years - I have no complaints.