Prude - what SHOULD the Rochester cops have done?

Video was recently released of police interacting w/ a man who subsequently died.

I assume we can all agree that the police did not handle the situation optimally, but I wondered what you think would have been the correct way to handle this situation?

I’m thinking it might have been preferable to put a ziptie around his ankles (to limit his movement) and at least try to cover him up with blankets (I presume police cars have those mylar emergency blankets), while waiting for the ambulance. They could have stood far enough away to not be spat on. Or, the hood alone might not have been a problem if they hadn’t been forcibly restraining him at the same time. I believe the ambulance showed up w/in 5-6 minutes or so - which doesn’t impress me as all that long.

I consider myself fortunate that my job does not require that I interact with irrational naked men spitting at me in the middle of a snowy night.

Yeah, it looks really bad to be joking about the crazy naked guy - and I sure hope I would refrain from doing so - especially if I knew I was being recorded. But “gallows humor” isn’t exactly unheard of, and I could imagine it helping some people deal w/ the unpleasant stuff they encounter regularly.

To me, this video really showed an extreme degree of the various demands expected of police - that they should function as everything from “armed protectors” to “mental heath workers.” Challenging expectations of a job paying (according to a quick Google) in the mid-$50s

I’d like it if their mindset was a lot closer to “counseling and mediating when there are disruptions” and farther from “armed intervention against lawbreakers”. I’d like it if a lot more of their training went in that direction. I wouldn’t mind if all that was accomplished by shifting a chunk of funding away from the current body called “the police” and towards a different /new organized civil response (aka “defunding the police”) but I’d also be okay with simply shifting the role, the training, and if need be the personnel and still calling it “the police”.

I understand the spit hood. I don’t understand the need for 3 officers acting to restrain him so aggressively: One leaning on his head applying pressure on the nerve behind his jaw, one with his knee on his back, one holding his legs. And yeah, the guy is clearly suffering some sort of psychotic episode and doesn’t feel the cold but get the guy a blanket for chrissake. Maybe it would have made him more comfortable and less agitated.

I agree re: the excessive restraint. That is one reason I suggested possible leg restraints. Lacking that, one cop’s knee on the back would likely have been sufficient. Or should have at least been tried. Seemed like they got awfully aggressive awfully quickly.

Also, I’m not expert in police procedure, but from the video, it was really hard to tell who - if anyone - was in charge.

Maybe they could have figured out a way to get a nude man out of freezing weather for starters? I mean, wouldn’t common sense tell you that he’s clearly not a threat once he’s restrained?

See right off the bat, I don’t need to know anything else to have a pretty good idea that this is going to end up badly. When authorities show a complete and utter disregard for the human condition, it goes down hill from there.

Yeah - I agree. But practically, how is that done? Several cops pick him up bodily and place him in the rear seat of a squad car?

If that’s the only option, yeah. They should be trained to understand that he’s not a threat. Yes, he’s a pain in the ass - I get that. I wouldn’t want the job of having to restrain and deal with him, but for fucks sake: we as taxpaying citizens pay them to do a job and it’s not to kill someone with sheer lack of humanity. Fucking sick of this and sick of living in a society that shrugs its shoulders and just accepts it as another day in the life.

Maybe they could have treated him with some respect instead of leaving him handcuffed and naked, lying down in the street while they surrounded him and laughed.

That’s what they do. In the first 5 seconds of the video a cop is threatening Prude with a weapon to enforce compliance. Then he is hooded and handcuffed, but because he wasn’t “complying” they get aggressive to enforce compliance. It’s the only tool they want to use.

I understand that dealing with the worst that society has to offer, day in and day out, can change a person. I believe that counseling to overcome that should be a normal part of every life of an officer.

If the police would support some sensible gun laws they might not have to be so afraid all the time. And maybe they could stop seeing everyone as an enemy.

I’ve watched lots of cop shows in my life and I’ve seen lots of belligerent men thrown in the back of a patrol car. I can’t imagine why that wasn’t tried in this situation.

Yeah - I didn’t hear any of the cops even ask him if he would go into a squad car. Or make any attempt to place him in one. At the beginning he seemed compliant w/ other orders. Is there some standard police policy for NOT moving a person? I could imagine a potential for injury to the citizen or police, especially if they were uncooperative, but when snowing, I would think at least an attempt would be made.

Not sure, but I think I saw something including PCP intoxication along w/ the causes of death. Not saying drug users ought be killed by police, but I personally feel differently about an individual who is irrational as the result of voluntarily ingesting drugs, as opposed to someone whose irrationality results from mental illness. Doubt, however, that this makes any difference for how the person should be treated in the moment.

Moreover, if law enforcement agencies can track down and apprehend dangerous fugitives from justice like escaped convicted murderers, cop killers, and terrorists, why can’t they do the same for someone who’s already apprehended?