Prussian Blue -- the antidote

This morning I read in the NY Times about an American doctor and her daughter who were poisoned by thallium while vacationing in the Soviet Union. The antidote is Prussian Blue!! (Same as the pigment.) From the NY Times :

I googled prussian blue antidote and sure enough, there it is!

Damn, I’ll have to look this up. I thought you needed an antidote for Prussian Blue.
I spent many happy hours as a kid mixing up sodium ferrocyanide and ferric ammonium sulfate to make Prussian Blue – I don’t think they sell kid’s chemistry kits with them in them anymore.

The only antidote for Prussian Blue is a series of smacks upside their heads – and given the choice between them and the thallium I’ll take my chances with the thallium.

Eh? Oh. That Prussian blue. That’s actually kinda cool, the way that works. It’s a pretty freaky pigment to begin with but its ability to trap cesium or thallium ions makes it downright bizarre – but in a good way.

The other Prussian Blue just traps rednecks.

If a boy had a chance, a chance with a spy like you…
Are you gonna poison his heart, let him cry for the moon?
Are you hiding somewhere behind those Spetsnaz guys?

I just spasm every time you race through me
And it’s all over you, Prussian blue.
On my knees, help me baby,
Tell me, what can I do? (Use Prussian Blue).

And ones leaning toward pedophilia at that. Oh, and white supremacism too. :frowning: :mad:

Yeah, but they’re gonna be hotties in a couple more years.

Kinda like the Olsen twins, only with 50% less bulimia, twice the cocaine, and 150% more vitamin K[sup]3[/sup].



aaaaaaaaaaa. scrubs self, computer, and cable in bleach

I checked Wikipedia, but I’m still not quite sure why the pigment qualifies as freaky. Maybe I just need to be a better chemist to understand?

Cocaine is for Jews. Aryans smoke crystal meth.

Like, twenty…

The only time they’ll ever be hot is after they’re both dead.

It’s one of the few things that has a magnetic response to visible light, and it is electrochromic, changing from blue to white when voltage is applied to it, among other things.

My mistake – meth it is. Naturally this invalidates any speculation on their hotness when they get older because they’ll look like this[sup][/sup] by the time they’re 30.
Severe eye bleach warning[/sub]

NCIS had an episode recently that featured thallium poisoning and Prussian blue.

Do people who take prussian blue as an antidote to thallium poisoning pee blue afterward? That would be pretty freaky, and cool.

You know, if they dropped the Nazi schtick, they could probably get a major label to pick them up and then they could afford decent production values to cover up the fact that they can’t sing on tune for shit.

It’s a little creepy that there is such mystery about how the travelers in that story ended up poisoned by Thallium in the first place. I hope this wasn’t some sort of attempt at murder.

…and it’s equally creepy to read about those poor little girls in that band being so thoroughly brainwashed by their mom. The kids never had a chance of being normal. This is one time where I’m grateful that teens have such a tendency to rebel against their upbringing.

The thing that bugged me is that when I googled for prussian blue all I got were hits for those two idiot girls. :rolleyes:

They’ll look like Willie Nelson?