PSA: Free magazine offer through pop-up ad.

You have probably seen those pop-ups that ask some inanely easy multiple choice question (who was the lead singer of Nirvana? What is the name of the mother on the Simpsons? What is the name of President Bush’s wife, etc.) . Well on a lark I answered it and was taken to a page that offered a free magazine subscription. On another lark I took their offer and filled out (but put someone else’s name).

Lo and be-hold, I am actually now getting a free subscription to GamePro magazine :eek:

Now admittedly, this is not the one I asked for (I don’t even own a console) But it is still kinda cool. So if anyone wants a free magazine subscription, go ahead and fill it out, you will really get one, and so will Mr Santos El Halper. :wink:

ah… there’s a simpsons quote for everything…