PSA: HPV vaccine approved for men

HPV is estimated to be the most common STD. And it can cause cancer (according to wikipedia, cervical, anal, penile, and vaginal.)

However, there is a vaccine (for some strains). And if you’re under 26 and not sexually active, it’s covered by insurance.

If you haven’t already, go get it! It’s just three shots over six months. If you know someone who hasn’t got it, please encourage them to get it!

No, it won’t solve all HPV, but it’s a great start.

I was wondering when they would finally get around to that.

My concern is: where do they give you the shots? :eek:

In the arm. I’ll admit my arm was sore for a few days (probably worse than for most people because I’m so skinny). Worth it.

In the arm, where I had mine. Mine was not sore for very long because I am so muscular, unlike STG. :wink:

Actually the conversation went like this:

“Stop flexing.”
“I’m not.”
“No really, stop flexing, your muscle is too…oh, you’re just like that. Okay.”


Add oral to the list. Local news ran a story on dentists now checking due to increase in cases.

We’ve got to arm wrestle some time at Stammtisch. I bet you would so kick my tired old ass.

using my bump cuz I think this is important.

I had cervical cancer and ended treatment of chemo and radiation a year and a half ago or so. My cancer gyno told me about the vaccine one day when we were talking about our kids. She has two boys–15 and 16 or so, and she told me that she vaccinated both of them. She recommends that everyone get this.

It’s about time!

Though I do wonder if the same people who wouldn’t let their daughters get the HPV vaccine will also object to having their sons vaccinated.

They have just approved in Canada, too. Unfortunately they have only approved it for boys and men below 26, which leaves me out. I would have liked to get it.

sigh Yeah, I’ve thought of that and unfortunately I can’t think of any argument that they won’t shoot down (‘well what if your daughter ends up marrying someone who didn’t wait until marriage? The HPV vaccine could save their marriage!’)

But I’m a big believer in vaccination, whether or not it seems relevant (smallpox? mumps? Do they still really exist in this country? Don’t care, you should get it.)

Link? Google isn’t coughing up anything obvious

I’ll have to look into getting it.

Never mind, found the obvious one

I don’t know if you have insurance or what, but if you don’t your doctor may be able to direct you to somewhere that’ll cover it. (I noticed last time I was at the school clinic they had flyers up).

I’d strongly, strongly suggest that everybody who’s eligible get this vaccine as soon as possible. My mother had cervical cancer when she was in her 20s and my dad, who just turned 51, finished radiation therapy for throat cancer that the doctors figure were caused by HPV. Three shots in the arm, or the chance at 8 weeks of radiation. This is a no-brainer.

Do you have any information about how to go about getting this vaccine?

I got it at my school clinic; I’d assume it’s like any other vaccine - just talk to your doctor.