PSAT and SAT Scoring

in the instructions the teacher read today for the PSAT, it said that right answers would add points, blank answers would neither add or sbutract points, and wrong answers would subtract “a fraction of a point”; but it doesn’t tell what that fraction is. personally, i don’t think it’s very fair not to tell us what wrong answers will cost us. it could be anywhere for 1/16 to 15/16 of a point, and we have no idea which it is. so, does anyone know? and since this was my last PSAT, is it the same for the SAT?

On the SAT, at least, you get one raw point for a correct answer and lose 1/4 point for a wrong answer. (I’ve been an SAT prep teacher for several years now). Those are raw points, not actual test points though—a raw point is typically worth somewhere in the neighborhood of ten actual test points, but it’s not the same on every test.
(I’m not really sure about the PSAT though, but it has been my understanding that the scoring is very similar)

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