PSP-3000 or DSi for my Daughters?

My daughters (7 and 9 years old) each have a DS Lite and when they’re not lost under the couch or carried off to parts unknown by our schnoodle, Daisy, they enjoy them very much. For Christmas this year, they’ve each asked for a new DSi. I can appreciate the new features found in the DSi, but in my opinion, they don’t seem enough to justify upgrading from the DS Lite. I’m thinking they may appreciate getting a new PSP 3000 instead of simply upgrading their DS’s. I don’t think they know enough about the PSP3000 to really make an informed decision on their own and old fuddy-duddy that I am, I’m not much help either.

The way I see it, the PSP has better graphics and better game play, but not as expansive a game library, particularly for young girls. (We rent most of their games from Gamelfy, so making our game library obsolete isn’t a factor). The DSi has two lower resolution screens, one of which is a touch screen. The DSi comes with 2 cameras, but they are low resolution; the PSP doesn’t come with a camera, but you can purchase an add on camera with a higher resolution (1.3 megapixels) than those on the DSi. My oldest daughter is more interested in the multi-media features like music and photos/video; my youngest is mainly just interested in game play.

Anyway, if you were in my shoes, would you have Santa upgrade my girl’s DS Lite to a DSi or would you encourage them to consider getting a PSP3000? Thanks in advance for your input.

That’s tough. The DSi is practically identical to the Lite, aside from allowing access to a small amount (but growing) of downloadable games, and a few hardware features (bigger screens, cameras). For me personally, the cameras hold no appeal, but if your girls don’t have cell-phones, I could see them having some fun with them.

As for the PSP–it’s true the graphics are better. I disagree that the gameplay is though. I bought a PSP about two years ago and sold it a month later after realizing there really wasn’t much worthy to play. And this is coming from a guy that IS its target market–I honestly can’t think of any games on the system off-hand that would appeal to young girls. The DS is much better for that purpose.

Basically, I think both are sort of a waste of money. I’m sure they’d use the DSi, but would they really be using it for much more than they can currently do on the Lite? And the PSP will open them up to a whole new library of games…but how many of which will they actually care about? If I had to choose between the two though–you know they already like the DS, so there’s no doubt they’d enjoy the DSi as well.

Oh! Plus there’s likely to be a new DSi model next year, the DSI LL–it’s already out in Japan and is identical functionally, but is a bit larger and features huuuge screens. There’s no US release date yet though; just a heads-up.

Have you considered buying them a Wii instead? :wink:

I’d say do unnamed option #3: Buy them digital cameras.

The “upgrade” to the DSi does include the cameras but a shorter battery life (if that’s important). We have 3 DS Lites in the house (I have one and our 8 and 10 year olds have one each). We’ve seen a lot of commercials for the new DSi and we went to a Gamestop and checked them out. After playing with the photo things a bit, they got bored. Maybe there will be new games out there and it will be big, but I don’t think so. The graphics haven’t improved that much to support it. BTW, I also have a PSP that only the 10 year old has a passing interest in.

Back to the digital cameras bit, my SO and I have also upgraded our cameras over the years and did the hand-me-down with our digital cameras. The kids have had a lot of fun taking tons of pictures of their friends and random things. (The cameras have also been great on family trips when we get to see things through their eyes too). Luckily, the cameras take rechargeable AA batteries and a SD card, so the expenses are minimal.

Do not get a PSP-GO. On the subject of the new DSi… eh, it’s got more processing power, but that’s really about it. Not worth it, in my opinion. Nor, to be honest, is going for the 3000… they already have games they like, they’re used to the DS. The 3000 will be used a little, then left somewhere. People rarely use two consoles.

I say, go for the cameras.

Thanks for your replies thus far—they’re pretty much in line with my way of thinking: DSi is not much of an improvement over the DS they already have; PSP-3000 or PSP-Go doesn’t offer enough relevant games for girls; Wii or cameras would make better gifts…

Unfortunately, they already have a Wii (this year’s combined birthday present), have full access to a PS3 (on loan to the family entertainment center by my nephew, an unemployed chef now relocated to Florida and living with us, in lieu of rent) and have decent still cameras (last year’s birthday present). The perfect gift for my 9-year old would indeed be a digital video camcorder…but, alas, my wife informed me that someone on her side of the family has already gotten her one of those (probably more of a toy, I’m guessing) and I had better not try to duplicate/upgrade that gift…something I’d be more than willing to do, if not for the fact that I’m more than a little afraid of my wife. (note absence of smiley face emoticon suggesting that I’m just kidding about that last statement).

Santa (me) really came through big time last year when he brought the girls a trampoline (only slightly marred by the bratty neighbor exclaiming, “I saw your dad putting that thing together in the back yard on Christmas Eve, not Santa Clause…and I heard him say some bad words and throw his tools, too!”) But, this year I have no killer gift ideas and feel I must give them something close to what they’ve asked for, instead of gleefully overwhelming them with a novel gift, borne from my prescient cognition. (unless…well, I could dust off my old Atari 2600 and put that under the tree…surely, kids today would still enjoy a rousing game of Space Invaders or Q*Bert, hmm…)

iPod Touch?

I would generally echo the sentiments already expressed here. The DSi probably isn’t worth the cost of upgrading, but the PSP probably won’t hold much appeal either. Do they have specific reasons for wanting DSi’s or is just because they are shinier than the old ones? Could you perhaps get them a number of games roughly equivalent in value instead?

The DSi XL (as it will be known in America) will be released sometime before the end of March.

Great suggestion.

We’ve got two of the original 8gb models and use them all the time. Games are continually being added to iTunes, plus it’s a fantastic music player that is pretty decent for watching videos and surfing the web.

I would say that, for girls especially, the DSi is an upgrade. My daughter, who is 13, got a DSi this summer after her original DS broke. She loves playing around with the cameras and drawing on the pictures. Her favorite utility is a free one she downloaded called Flipnotes which lets you make animations and post them–you can see them on a website or another DSi. Other users can give “stars” to the animations they like, and she was so excited when other people gave her stars because they liked her work. She also does a lot of web surfing…it’s not as good as the iPod Touch for that because it is very slow, but she can check her e-mail on it, etc. She also posts pictures from it to her Facebook account, though perhaps your girls are a bit too young for that. She likes to do silly stuff like take a picture of a stuffed Pikachu and draw lightning bolts coming from its cheeks.

My daughter never would even have considered a PSP. The DS is just much more popular, especially with girls. She had a whole group of girls and boys who she would game with last summer at the Y. I don’t think there was another group using PSP’s

Sounds like your older daughter, especially, might really get into the things the DSi can do like my daughter did. Definitely an upgrade over the DS “phat”, but maybe not so much if you are used to the DSLite’s bigger, brighter screens. If your girls like drawing and animation and taking pictures (and there are musical things, too, that you can do) I would certainly consider it.