Psst! Hey Buddy- wanna buy a Manhattan Rolex?

Just stumbled in to see what my condition was in ir re to some research about Menathie or the island now called Manhattan. Was checking on the Kanarsee and the event and one comes to mind the story that I too have heard that a passing group acted fraudulently to claim lands and take tribute for them as a landlord collects rent. Just recently a claim and lesson was made when one mistakenly made a cash payment and was soon in receipt of a pay or eviction notice. Poor young thing had no receipt but went back the next day and did confront the situation and luckily it was resolved by an honest manager. Another couple left the store and the alarm sounded and they were checked to find that their receipt did not show for the one sounding object and they were embarassed by their outcome. The third incident reflects a guy that pawned a rolex watch he had bought from a guy that needed the money for a bargain price and it the watch turned up on a stolen list by the pawn shop and the guy was interrogated and arrested for obatining stolen property. The books are full of misdeeds and actions that the Walking Purchase and other schemes claimed over drunken bribes, and miscommunications, and time to abscind transactions after discovery [or hangover] which are currently against the law and have never been ethical or morally right ever. I wonder what happened to minuit’s receipt?

What would that look like in English?


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Moderator intervention: That’s uncalled for, Shodan.

Peter Minuit: Look at all them tall buildings!

Chief of the Canarsie Indians: You’re not from around here…

Peter Minuit: Nope, just got off the boat.

Chief: You see that bridge there? That’s the Brooklyn Bridge. You place a tollbooth on one side, collect the money and get rich. I have to sell it because my mom is sick and I need the money to help pay for a doctor. How would you like to buy it?

Peter Minuit: You take me for a fool?

Chief: Okay, how about this whole island? I’ll throw in the bridge too. $100!

Peter Minuit: Wow, that sounds great, but all I have is $24 in beads and trinkets.

Chief: You drive a hard bargain. Sold!