Psych (Series Premiere)

As I recall …

It features Johnny and Monk at a party. Monk, naturally, spends a great deal of time getting the level of punch in his cup JUUUUUST right. Then Johnny goes to get himself some punch. As he is scooping some up, he receives a vision … of some guy lifting the punch bowl to his mouth and slurping it. He whispers this unsanitary fact into Monk’s ear, and Monk empties his cup back into the bowl.

A little bit contrary to what Snooopy said,

Monk says he likes to be first at the punch bowl, I’m guessing since he wants his punch before anyone else has dipped their supposedly-dirty cup in it. We know he has food issues. Johnny touches the edge of the bowl and ‘sees’ the waiter holding the whole bowl and sipping right out of it, which he then relays to Monk. And of course Monk dumps his back.

And then the shot of Monk putting crime scene tape all over the bowl. :smiley:

This is the firs time I’ve ever seen a commercial spoilered :smiley:

As usual, day late and dollar short, but finally got around to seeing the first episode last nighth (have episode two on my DVR for tonight).

I liked it a lot. Funny with a nice whodunit based on clues. Good start - hope it keeps it up.l

It’s just MonkLite!! :smiley:

Yep, it’s pretty much Monk, only slightly less original and with a cuter cast.

I like it, but I don’t feel compelled to watch it religiously, and judging from the first two episodes, I don’t need to in order to enjoy it.

But does anyone else think timothy omundson looks like a poor girl’s Matthew Perry? I think that every time I see a Judging Amy rerun.

This was the one part I didn’t like. If they tried that with me, I’d tell them to do it so I could retire off the money I’d make from the false-arrest lawsuit.