Psychic experiences

I was driving home today and listening to the 80s station on the radio. It was playing Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” and my mind wandered to a preview I saw for a Nicholas Cage movie that featured that song, where he wakes to find his life radically altered in some way. That made me think how the old “Twilight Zone” series had more intriguing plots every week than 90% of current Hollywood movies. The next song was “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring.

Hmm … I thought. (It had been a long day. “Hmm” was about the most coherent thought I could muster.) Then my mind wandered again to downloading Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” on Napster. For some reason, this made me think of someone uploading “What I Like About You” from me. The next song played was The Romantics’ “What I Like About You”.

That’s a little trippy, don’t you think? Maybe I should play the lottery tomorrow. Or pick the winner of Survivor. (That’d be really psychic since I don’t even know who’s playing.)

ooooh, that’s spooky… can i touch you?

::touches GC’s hand and receives shock of psychic energy::


One time, during a moment of emotional turmoil, I was out of the house and walking walking walking (you know how you need to take a walk to figure things out sometimes?). I wound up trekking about five miles before I stopped and realized that I needed a destination. I found a public phone and called a friend… no answer (I found out later her phone number had been changed since the last time I called her). So I called a different friend, and walked to his house, instead.

When I got there, he was on the phone… with the girl I had originally called. Turns out that she had tried to call ME at home, but, getting no response, ended up calling our other friend.

Weird shit, people, weird shit…

This morning I saw a horse with two heads and two bodies!!!

The OP gave a good example of synchronicity.

An interesting and definitive book is “Varieties of Anomalous Experience.”

Also Jung wrote a book called “Synchronitcity”

Palmyra – Dammit girl, you stole my spark before I had a chance to pick my lottery numbers! I was going to charter a jet and invite you to Paris too. Oh, well.

Bo – Yeah, that’s the stuff. I’m in emotional turmoil too. Maybe that’s the common thread. There’d be some kind of cosmic justice there. “Life sucks? Win the lottery!”

Wombat – Don’t make fun, you stocky burrowing Australian marsupial you.

berdollos – You just don’t want to believe. What if the next song had in fact been “Synchronicity”? Would that put it over the top for you? Come to think of it, it might have been “Every Little Thing She Do Is Magic” I just didn’t make the connection at the time!

Bo and I need some more data for our research. Anyone else out there with some stories to share? Remember, any details about your state of mind before the episode would be very helpful.

The following has happened to me more times than I can count. Usually I’m the one calling, but none-the-less.

I recently lost my godfather. The word “godfather” doesn’t quite fit, try “second father,” “sage”, “guru”, or other terms. I adored this man. His death was a total shock, as it was a sudden heart attack.

Unable to call my friends and tell them what was going on, but feeling that they should know what was going on with me, I emailed my two best friends with the news. One friend emailed back saying to call her when I was ready to talk, and I didn’t hear anything from the second friend, with whom I hadn’t spoken to in four months, as she is in Tennessee. I sent the email on Thursday.

Monday night, I get a call. It’s friend #2. It went something like this.
Her: “So I was just studying for my exam, and am totally stressed, and thought I’d call my good buddy to get cheered up.”
me: “You didn’t get my email, did you?”
“Nope. Why?”
“Yuan died.” LONG pause.
“I KNEW IT. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. I have been wanting to call you since last Monday night.”
“He died Monday night.”

She’s Cuban, and very open to psychic experiances. But like I’ve said, the same thing has happened to me with at least three other friends. I just KNOW I need to talk to them. Collective uncoincious, man.

For about 6 months “synchronicity” defined my life…The “think about a song and it comes on the radio 2 minutes later”, “think about a rerun of a show that you haven’t seen in years, flip through the TV channels, and boom it’s on, that very episode as well”, “think of a quote from somewhere you can’t remember and find an old book in a book store later that day that the quote was from” kind of stuff happened so much that after enough of it I became jaded and it didn’t even phase me, heh…

I didn’t even know what the name for that was until after 2 months or so of it, and then I heard on the net somewhere that it was called “synchronicity”…The next day, walking through the lobby place at my college passing the cheaply made “free” magazines I passed every day, there was a new one called “Synchronicity”. Heh, I was too freaked out to pick it up and see what was in it though…

Anyway, it stopped after a while (it was getting really bad, like 6 incidents a day eventually) and now it just happens once in a while (which I could chalk up to just being coincidences and flukes, but those few months make me think twice now, heh)…No idea how to explain this kind of thing, but “trippy” is definately a good word for it. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about watching Red Dwarf, which I hadn’t seen in ages, and less then 30 min later my friends flipped it on… Freaky :).

Friday I had a Behavorial Genetics test. One of the questions involed a chromosome location Xq28 for an example. The night before I was writing a little bit of science fiction and had used Xq28 in it.

This one’s really freaky! Get this! Yesterday, I was thinking about masturbating, then today, I masturbated! Weird, huh!?



Wow I am loaded with psychic experiences (coincidences) on this nature. Here are some I can remember, all happened within the past six months.

1). I getting into my car with a friend of mine. She said something about whipping it out. So I replied “When in doubt I whip it out, I got me a rock & roll band, it’s a free-for-all” and then started the car. The radio came on just in time to hear Ted Nugent say “suck it!”.

2). I was driving with another friend. We were on our way for him to break up with his girlfriend and collect his stuff from her apartment. I said “we need some appropriate music”, just then Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” came on.

3). I noticed this past Tuesday that my watch had stopped. The time of the stoppage: Sunday the 18th at 4:14PM EST, just about the same time Dale Earnhart hit the wall at Daytona.

Gee, if I could just master cold reading I could get my own TV show…

Well, we’ve got at least one case of emotional turmoil from Swiddles. (BTW, I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. I know exactly how you feel, just having lost my niece to leukemia. It wasn’t quite as sudden, but it was less than five weeks from first symptoms to diagnosis to losing her entirely, and she was just 21 years old.) Other posters didn’t specify their emotional state, although I think we can guess Homer’s.

Keep those stories coming. We’re on the verge of a breakthrough here. I can feel it.


[snort]And if your watchband hadn’t failed, your watch would still be running today.[/snort]

Y’all realize, don’t you, that there are 6 billion people on Earth, and every day each one of them takes part in thousands if not millions of separate encounters/ transactions with their environment (other people, media, animals)? Given those numbers, it would only be freaky if there weren’t anomalous synchronicities happening every now and then.

Purely by chance.

[tongue in cheek]
That is because we conveniently forget all the times when the song we were singing doesn’t come on the radio, or the person we are thinking of doesn’t call, or when Homer masturbates without thinking about it beforehand. If we didn’t do that, we would not be gifted psychics, just regular people.
[/tongue in cheek]

Part of the think-of-a-song-and-it’s-on-the-radio phenomenon is due to the fact that many radio stations play the same tape on the same cycle for several days. So yes, your brain “knows” Melissa Ethelridge is about to be on the radio because it heard it yesterday.

Things like this happen to me frequently. For no good reason, I’ll think about something and later on in the day, that thing will pop up. It happens with movies, books, songs, people, etc.

I secretly think this means that I lead a pretty mundane and repititious life.

However, I tell others that it is because I know everything and can see the future. I like that story better :smiley:

This is more a syncronicity. But STILL.

I had never seen Mallrats. This is strange, because I loved Clerks. But I had never seen Mallrats, not in part, not at all. Trust me.

I work at a video store. This woman comes in, long story short, was a crazy nutcase. When crazy nutcases come in, we write little notes on their accounts like “Move all sharp objects out of reach of this nutcase.” For this woman, I wrote “Hi. I have something jammed in a very uncomfortable place. This makes me very rude to my friendly video store clerk.” My coworker read it, and wrote “…and I don’t mean a Volkswagon.” I didn’t know what she meant by that. However, I didn’t question her on it, and she never mentioned Mallrats.

As I was leaving the store, I decided I wanted a funny movie. I went through my mental list of funny movies I hadn’t seen, and Mallrats was high on the list. I took it home, and popped it in.

A running joke in the movie is about Ben Affleck’s character, who likes to date vulnerable women and have sex with them in a very uncomfortable place. And then someone else says “Like the back of a Volkswagon?” Eventually you see footage of Ben having sex with a woman in said very uncomfortable place, and it ain’t no VW.

So that’s my story. Not only did I steal a joke from a movie I had never seen, but I then took that movie home that night by complete coincidence.

A few days before Christmas 1999, our springer spaniel Emily died on a Sunday evening. She started showing her illness around 5:30 pm, and we made two trips to the vet; she died on the second trip there. We took her in and the vet pronounced her DOA; when we got back in our van to return home, I noted that the time was 7:30. It had been a very upsetting two hours for us, as Emily did not go easily, and she was the center of our life, as all our friends knew.

Later that evening, I sent out a brief e-mail to friends and family to notify them that we had lost our best buddy; I did not mention details, only that her heart had failed on Sunday night. My friend Diane, who with her daughters had often cared for Emily while we were on vacation, responded with condolences, noting that “Maybe this can explain why I felt an extremely strange ‘down’ between
5:30-7:30 tonight…I just felt that something wasn’t right somewhere. It was so noticeable that [her 12-year-old daughter] even asked me if everything was alright.”

I already mentioned this in another thread, but what the heck.

Last Tuesday I was talking to co-workers about places I would like to live. I mentioned that I would do anything to move to Alaska, but if I couldn’t make it that far north, I would settle for the Seattle area. Then I said something about the small earthquake I felt on one of my Alaska trip and how the earth is always shaking up there. That got us talking about the “Big One” that is overdue in Utah. I said “That is another reason to move away from here (Utah), but knowing my luck, Seattle will have a big one soon.”

We all know what happened Wednesday.

I have now convinced my co-workers that I should start up my own psychic hotline.