Psycho remake

Just saw the remake of Psycho. I actually liked it, but that’s not what this thread is about. I can swear I saw Anne Hache’s anus in the shower scene, when she keeled over. Can anyone confirm?

Oh? Heh, anyway, maybe it was a body double. If you want, why don’t you slow down that flick to frame by frame and check?

Horrid acting in that flick. yuck.

Oh, I did slow it down. And I think it was Heche.

And I liked William H. Macey in it. He’s always good.

Speaking of Psycho, the original Hitchcock version has been playing on the premium channels and it’s rated R. What is in it that makes it an R? They didn’t even have ratings like that in 1960 did they?

I remember reading a story about the Psycho remake that talked about the filming of the shower scene. Anne Heche was filmed nude during the scene, but this doesn’t mean there wasn’t also a body double used. This article also said that Vince Vaughn was genuinely masturbating while he was peeping in on her (must be a method actor).

Incidentally, if you like watching Anne Heche in a shower as much as Vince did, look for a copy of Girls in Prison. She does some “drop the soap” flirtation with another prisoner in that one.