Psychodelic, maaaan....


I’ve got another one of my regularly scheduled ocular migrains. Head doesn’t hurt byt my fision si swimmy and I can’t focus on anything in direct line off
Typoing is a real challenge.

I wont bother proof reading.


Mundane and pontless…? Indeedeedoo… :slight_smile:

No, actually I think “typoing” seems to be pretty easy for you right now :smiley:

More to the point, sounds like the thrill has just about worn off this experience. Hope you’re seeing better soon.

Tell those around you that the only sure cure is to spend a day laying down, listening to good music and eating bonbons :slight_smile:

I never have a problem with that.

But I get the migraine auras too sometimes. They’re better than the pain, but I still wish you a quick recovery.

Ahh… better now. :slight_smile:

They rarely last more than half an hour.

Can’t promise my spelling will improve, however…

You’re lucky. I get the painful, full-blown ‘kill-me-now’ type of migraines.

I’ve occassionally had a weird aura thing beforehand, sort of an odd spinning or falling sensation, but I usually wake up with them, so no aura.

Glad you’re feeling better. Can you take anything for them or do you just have to let them run their course?

Migranes don’t have to hurt?

How many fungers am I holding up?

Fingers. :smack:

I could be holding up any number of fungers, and nobody would know since nobody knows what a funger is

They usually pass before I can find something to take. There is no pain, so I just let them run their course. Kind of annoying if they come on before I have to drive.

Ah! But you’d be wrong. According to the circa 1861 census of Middlesex, Ontario Canada:

FUNGER @ca.on.middlesex.metcalfe 1861 census
FUNGER Elizabeth
FUNGER Matilda
FUNGER William H.

There were at least 11 Fungers. Probably more now. I suggest you put them back where you found them. And wash your hands. Ewwww…

Heh…wonder which was the mother Funger that started that clan?

Mundane perhaps, but hardly pontless. It’s quite pontiful, in fact.


FFFPPPTTHHH!!! :smiley: LOL!!!

Nope. As noted there are migraines which affect vision only, although visual disturbances in many sufferers are a precursor to a headache. There is also a relatively rare variety of migraine which is mainly olfactory. And some migraineurs experience them primarily through nausea and/or gustatory symptoms.

Weird goddamned things they are.

ROFL! :smiley:

Quicksilver are these kind of migraines a precursor to something evil like a stroke?
Considering I have buttloads of suffering kill-me-now kinda migraines, I’ve never had one of these.

As far as I’m aware, no. At least, my neurologists haven’t freaked out about me having them.

Thanks Shirl, I was planning to stay awake all night anyway riddled with unspecific angst. But thanks to you, I can now focus my neurosis on something more tangeable.

What was that?.. I think I just felt a vessel pop in my head!!!

Intense hand pressure on the forehead with counter hand pressure on the back of the head (or firm support to create a counter-force) is supposed to relief headaches. I’ve had this work for myself and have helped people and watched others do it themselves.

BUT— when a staff member where I take classes had a migraine and I suggested to another what I had in mind (while the first sat in her office in the dark) I was told that massage was NOT helpful with migraines.

So I don’t know whether that will be helpful or not if you have it again.

True Blue Jack

I suffered from ocular migraines in the past and I can tell you that the first couple, before they get you diagnosed, are pretty scary. My primary symptom is that I wouldn’t be able track from left to right, therefore couldn’t read. Or if Iwas watching a basketball game (and this did happen) I would only be able to watch the action going right to left. Damned disconcerting. But it was better than jumping right to the migraine. If I had the weird visual effects the headache would be bad, but survivable. But when the migraine skipped the visuals, oh my Og was it bad. I haven’t had one in years. They just stopped at some point.

F and J