Psychonauts (PC)

Saw this game in a PC mag. It got good reviews and it looked like it might appeal to my fascination with weirdness so I tried to find it.

Turns out it’s not available in the UK (yet) so I resorted to E-bay and bought a US copy.

Got the game yesterday and played it a bit. Played it more today, and it lives up to expectations so far. (It exceeds them in some areas)

My only gripe(s) are that the camera is f*cking annoying and some of the levels require a very narrow and specific control sequence to succeed in certain parts.

The most frustrating level so far is the one where you have to learn levitation in the mind of… I forget her name.

But in all my years of playing these platformy kid-oriented colourful games I learned that the mark of a good one is it’s ability to infuriate to the extreme, and this game has that. This type of game is rare on the PC, only usually seen on consoles. That’s a shame because this is the type of game I enjoy most.

I think that the brains behind this game also gave us Grim Fandango. I wasn’t sure if it was coming out for the PC, I may have to pick it up.