Psycological/emotional effects of Alphabetical order

I wonder if anyone knows if there has ever been a study conducted on the effects of Alphabetical order.

I suppose after one has finished with school there are far fewer instances when this is an issue, but it comes up quite a lot during crucial developmental years. At school, summer camp, youth group activities, whenever there are a large number of children gathered for common activity things are often done in Alphabetical order.

The kids with the “A” names get to go first in everything, have things returned to them first, and even get to graduate first. The “Z” kids have to go through their formative years being last in everything.

I suppose there are plenty of successful people with last names that come at the end of the alphabet to suggest that there is not much of an effect. It does seem worth wondering about though. Does anyone have any cases to report? (Me, my last name starts with an “L” so I was never really rewarded or kept down. Feels like it kinda matches my current life.

in elementary school, my teachers would sometimes reverse the order, but then that still left the middle kids always in the same place.

This rings a bell with me (a “T” IRL). I recall reading a theory that end-of-the-alphabet people are more prone to being anxious and a bit neurotic as a result of having to wait for things all their lives, both because waiting for unpleasant things (a public speaking assignment in class, for example) is stressful, and because waiting for pleasant things is stressful (because they might run out of the good stuff before it’s your turn).

It may well be impossible to find the original article (it’s probably been 20 years), both because it was a long time ago, and because if you google for “alphabetical” and “neurosis,” you end up getting a whole lot of bibliographies that happen to contain references to neurosis (try it!).

They should the alphabet to how California rearranged the letters for their recall election: R, W, Q, O, J, M, V, A, H, B, S, G, Z, X, N, T, C, I, E, K, U, P, D, Y, F, L.

Every week – or maybe in every voting distriction – the first letter gets moved to the rear, so Alameda County would start with R, Alpine County starts with W, Amador Country starts with Q, etc.

Being a ‘W’ in real life I know all about this, and took some kind of sick pleasure in the fact that I was nearly first (Damn you Zhou, M!) when they reversed it. I’d say it has probably had some sort of affect on my patience because I hate waiting more than most people. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

I don’t know, that seems like it could be dangerous.

Let’s see- higher incidence of mental problems for lefthanders;1st born do better than younger; taller, better looking people do better in life. All these are controlled for IQ etc. Also, contrary to common belief, suicide is higher in the Spring than “the Holidays.” Doubt any $ is available to study this alphabetical issue. If true,all will change name to Aaron.

That’s Mr. Aaron Aardvark, if you please! (I called it first. :stuck_out_tongue: )