Pterry is now a knight

Yep Pterry was knighted in the New Years Honours list,well done mate.
I suggest that that your armour should be well worn and battered,play your cards right and you might get a job in the Watch.

Cool. He deserves it.

About bloody time.

The man whose books railed against Royals & Nobles accepted a knighthood?:confused:

Most excellent!

Royals and nobles and peasants and townsmen and elected officials and wizards and shopkeepers, etc. Frankly, the most sympathetic political officials in the Discworld books are a (weak) king (Verence) and a dictator (the Patrician).

(Spoiler for those who haven’t gotten too far into the Watch books yet)

There’s also Carrot Ironfoundersson, and while he eschews his rightful place as King of Ankh-Morpork, Pterry still goes into reverent flights of worship of the sacred CONCEPT of that royalty.

Never has a man been more deserving. :smiley:

Yeah he gets a knighthood, but which Watchhouse gets the new dartboard, thats what I want to know?

Does a hat come with the job?

And when’s the Dinner?

Congrats to Sir Terry.

I thought this too for a second, but it isn’t quite accurate.

Vimes rails against the nobility, but the thing he’s really against (and Pratchett seems to agree) is people born to high station assuming they’re better than everyone else. Vimes takes a knighthood, after all, though he does feel guilty about it.

Vimes takes a noble title, not just a knighthood. He grumbles about it but accepted for Sybil’s sake.