Pubbies to make it harder to investigate ethics violations.

OOooh, I just finished reading The Hammer: Tom Delay and I can’t describe how my skin crawls now when his name is mentioned. He wants to take us back to the days of Tammany Hall.

Issue Id point out is:

when, as currently, ONE party has complete control of both houses (not even close), itd be fairly simple for that political party to exert quite a bit of influence over their members - as in, go along w/ committee deal and pork city will be yours. Politics as usual, but w/a twist - more dangerous w/one party in control of Congress and executive branch- a bad idea.

As Al Franken demonstrated in Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, Ann is a virtuoso at lying with endnotes, not footnotes.

As for the OP, I don’t know which fact depressed me more: that I was completely unsurprised at the maneuver by the House Republicans, or the belief (now confirmed) that some of the resident SDMB conservatives would actually defend the practice.

I see no one defending. Closest we got is Manny, and he’s only insisting on not forming an opinion, which is considerable short of actually defending.

Upon re-review, I stand corrected, and withdraw the earlier statement.

I blame the lateness of the hour. My hypothesis is that staying at home with a stir-crazy tyke causes brain damage after the seventh hour…

You lasted that long before the brain damage set in? What are you using for anaesthesia? :wink:

Let’s just say, I worked for a year at an insurance company, and the meetings on premium rate adjustments proved to be excellent for building up tolerance for mind-numbingly boredom. :smiley:

Manhattan, I think that some of the outrage is that the rules that the Republicans set up a few years ago under the Clinton administration to restore a little honor and dignity to politics are now being changed by the Republicans as soon as a big important Republican is subjected to those rules.

To my jaded eye that’s what it looks like. Which doubtless means that I’ve missed some critical details. But it just smells bad.

Not to mention jaw dropping shock at the ways those people find to bilk people and STILL manage to convince everyone that they’re protecting them from the evil doctor people.

While this might be defensible as a response to baseless allegations initiated by the Democrats… it’s NOT acceptable in the absence of such an event.

In other words, if the GOP wants to make this change, I’d buy it – if they were solving a legitimate, existing problem. They are apparently solving a prospective, hypothetical problem. Sorry - not even close.

No, they’re addressing a real, present problem - the need to prevent their own leader’s misconduct from becoming a real political liability to them.