Public Bathroom Hygiene - Possible TMI

I know I’m not the only girl who wonders this. Why is it that when you have your period and you’re using a public bathroom, you have to push the metal thing open with your hand to deposit your used stuff?

Some women don’t touch the door on their way out because of germs. I realize you go wash your hands after you use the bathroom (hopefully). But it still seems vile to me.

Why is it so difficult to install a step bio disposal thing? It just has to be a metal box, on the floor instead of the wall, with a step to open it so you don’t have to touch the nasty disposal unit that other women have touched

while on their period.

Yuck. Anyone agree with me?

I never touch the wall-mounted disposals; however, I use tampons, so I just put the applicator back the wrapper, wrap the whole thing in toilet paper, and throw it in the trash when I leave the stall. I have seen a few of the foot-pedal floor models, but they always look incredibly nasty - I don’t think they get emptied very often.

I know this thread is not my place, as I am a guy, but I used to work in a convenience store where one of my duties was cleaning the restroom. Some women had problems … scary problems. It sometimes took me minutes to figure out how to clean that tiny garbage can off without exposing myself to…well…y’know.