Public facility for playing electric guitar

And their heavy Russian accents and songs like Closet Disco Dancer add to the excitement. :cool:

For the sake of his back, I sure hope that thing’s a hollowbody!

hehe. They come to Pittsburgh every so often and I’ve talked with them on a few of those visits. I’ll have to ask to heft that bass next time I see them.

WTF does the case for that thing look like?! Imagine that guy coming in for an audition for your band:

me: “Look man, I want to tell you that we are an extremely loud punk band. Heavy guitars and pounding drums drive this band. Do you think your rig can handle it?”

that guy: “I play a giant red martini bass with 3 strings that is so bad-ass it doesn’t even need an amp. And it was made by Chuck Norris…”

me: :::bows down and worships::::