Public facility for playing electric guitar

Ok so my Google-fu is generally mediocre but I promise I did make an honest attempt to address this question to the internet gods before coming here…although you all are so darn useful that it’s hard to resist the temptation…

Anyway, my question. I’m dreaming of getting a semi-decent electric guitar. I have no intention to ever build myself a studio with all the electronic gadgets and, more importantly, the sound-proofing required to play loudly. Even if I could afford to do so. Which I can’t.

In college we had a ‘jam room’ on campus. It had some amps and was soundproof. You signed up for time slots. This was a wonderful thing.

Does such a place exist in the real world? Are there places I can go with my guitar, pay a fee, plug in, and play with abandon? I’d even be willing to buy an amp if necessary. But I need a room in which I can play loudly in front of an amp. Playing quietly isn’t the same at all. Playing into headphones isn’t either (can’t get feedback). I’ve played in front of some real equipment before and it totally transformed the experience. I want to be able to do that again.

It seems like this would be an excellent case for a public facility; there must be lots of noodlers like me out there who will never be good enough to justify building their own studio but who still want to have the experience from time to time. Do recording studios offer this kind of service for a reasonable fee, say ~25$ per hour? I’m guessing not – that recording equipment is expensive, and since I won’t be using it I don’t want to pay for it.

Look up “rehearsal studios.” That should get you started in the right direction.

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Thanks Q.E.D.

Here is one in Raleigh, NC.

Their motto: “COME IN…PLUG IN…AND PLAY!!!”
You didn’t just create this website to mock my utter lack of skill with the computer interweb search browser engine, now, did you?? I mean, I could have simply entered my OP into Google’s search field and come up with this… :smack: :smack:

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Sam Ash Music

Raleigh, NC
3131 Capital Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27604
Phone: 919-855-9581
Store Manager: Thomas “T.R.” Gwynne
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday: 12 Noon - 6:00 PM

They have rooms with amps. They have thousands of guitars. Take a couple in, plug in, and wail away.

I’ve bought quite a bit of music stuff there.

Some bars have “open stage” nights as well. Once you are good enough to play in front of a bunch of drunks, that is.

Yeah, I was going to say “start a band”. Then, everywhere you go, you can plug in and play. Heck, some people might even pay YOU.

Some people use storage spaces.

Go to a music store. Some have rooms where they give music lessons and you might be able to use one of those. Alternatively, just sit out in front and noodle around until they figure out you aren’t going to buy anything. (Or if $25 an hour is okay, just buy stuff.)

In fact, if you got a part-time job at a music store, you could probably wail away after hours or when you weren’t busy. Some stores have an insulated room just for the guitars and amps.

I don’t have a studio or a sound proofed room, I just wail away in the guest bedroom. Anyway, if you’re into the sound you get from a cranked up amp but don’t want to cause seismic damage to your house get a decent compression pedal. It lets you thrash at maximum without having to actually turn it all the way up.

Not likely; unfortunately, punk has evolved to the point where they’re expecting you to be able to play your instruments. I suppose I could try to usher in a new era of DIY-garage-bandism, but 36-year-old graduate-educated dads don’t tend to do that sort of thing…

By the way, I renewed to ask this question. Best $15 I ever spent.

I have heard some decent music played by people like yourself. One band that I heard at an open stage performed “cowpunk” which was sortalike taking old Hank Williams songs, revving them up, and throwing in lots of "FUCK"s.

Yeah, but nowadays you get people coming up to the stage and asking you to turn it down. Really ruins the experience if you ask me.

For my own practicing/jamming needs, I used my church. On Mondays the building was closed and all the staff had the day off, and my amp was there already (since I play on Sunday mornings). I kept a small but loud stereo system there as well, and I’d set up with the stereo speakers on either side of me and my amp in front of me. Then I’d pop in a CD, crank everything up, and jam (and sing) along. Sometimes I’d do this for four or five hours at a stretch.

That situation was a godsend for me because, 1) I’ve lived with other people for the last several years and didn’t want to annoy them, and 2) I’m a bass player, and even at low volume those low frequencies tend to permeate the entire house.

At home I use headphones, and like the OP said, it’s just not the same. In my case, though, it’s because I like to sing while play - hard to do with headphones on.

Funny you should say that. I’m in a punk band (google $50 Flander if you’re interested). We played a show Dec 23rd here in Jensen Beach. I wouldn’t say I’m an amazing guitarist, but I’m pretty handy with power cords. My brother’s gf is processing footage now. I’ll post it on youtube eventually. Oh, and we got paid. A lot.

Phase42, I’ve been fortunate to never the words, “turn it down” at a show. And believe me, my Carvin MTS 3200 is sufficiently loud. :cool:

*Gratuitous Carvin plug

My bass amp is a Carvin RL6815 (scroll down). Loud as it needs to be!

Nice amp! Dig the bass collection, too!

You have some amazing stuff there. Have you ever seen/heard of Red Elvises? Check out Oleg Bernov’s bass. :stuck_out_tongue:

That thing makes me want to drink martinis.