Public poll ideas for a high school reunion facebook group

I made a face book group for my high school class to ultimately have a 20th anniversary reunion event. There are about 30 members. People have been posting photos, etc.

Anyway I was wondering what polls we can have. The polls allow people to choose multiple answers at once and there is an option for people to add extra answers (if enabled). If there are more than 4 answers it only initially shows the 3 most popular answers.

I couldn’t think of anything then my sister suggested people’s favourite teacher. But at least one teacher is already a member (my favourite teacher) and the poll is public so that might upset the teacher a little.

Then I thought of people’s favourite subjects at school.

Other ideas: (some are inappropriate…)

hobbies, crushes, most popular kid, who you most want to meet, funniest person, how many kids you have, marital/relationship status, age you lost your virginity, religious beliefs ?

The challenge is having something that is public that people would want to answer and be interesting.

I thought I’d get heaps more replies here about poll ideas than if I asked the group. Maybe after a few polls I’ll ask them for ideas or people could post their own polls.

Maybe something to do with popular culture in the mid-90’s? music, TV, movies?

Just my opinion, which you are free to ignore, but I personally find those “most popular”, “most likely to …” etc. etc. polls to be off-putting. C’mon, you all KNOW who was most popular. And who gives a shit anyway.

If you must do polls to which the answer is a specific member of the class, keep them strictly humorous and nothing that anyone will mind winning or losing. Yes, yes, I know everyone should be grown-ups and not get their panties in a twist over winning/losing a stupid poll about “who you wish you had kissed back in the day” or “most likely to end up obese.” I couldn’t agree more that people shouldn’t get their feelings hurt. But still, those things are just tacky and unoriginal. Don’t do it on aesthetic grounds, if for no other reason.

Who lives the farthest away.
Who still lives the closest.
Least changed appearance wise.
Most changed appearance wise.
Anyone marry someone in the class, divorce and then remarry someone else in the class.

BTW in the class two pairs eventually got married and there was only about 18 students in year 12