Public poll results?

I apparently haven’t figured this out. Some of the poll threads say they’re public and people can see what you chose. But as far as I can see the results are all anonymous. I can see what the totals are, but how do you see what a particular poster chose?

I think you must have been looking at private polls. In public ones, when you view the results, the names of the voters are on the left. At least, they are for me.

See here for example.

Click on the number of votes in the result table. It’s clickable.


That doesn’t work for me. Your link goes to the question. When I click on view results, the names are visible, and the numbers aren’t clickable.

Here’s what I see when I click on the thread link:

Then, when I click on any of the numbers, I see the names against each choice.

ETA: You probably need to vote on the poll to see what I’m seeing.

You can click on the numbers after you vote.

Thank you.

Further to this, I wish people would state whether their polls are public or private (for example); it could affect whether I vote or not.

It usually tells you in small text when it’s a public poll. I just wish it was more obvious. I always view the results first to confirm whether it’s public or private, before deciding to vote. If the results show me names, I know it’s a public poll.

Yes, I do that too. But what if you’re the first…? :slight_smile:

There are always others more eager than I am. Besides, if the OP doesn’t want to vote in her own poll, it’s not a poll I want to be voting in :smiley: