Public Service Announcement: "Cats" (Movie)

For those of you who saw the stage production of “Cats” or even the 1998 David Mallet film of the stage production and liked the light entertainment, the music, the dancing and (above all) the charm of those productions: DO. NOT. BUY. THE DISC. of the new Tom Hooper version.

Rent it, if you must. If you buy it, I can practically guarantee that you will kick yourself HARD for doing so. I AM kicking myself for buying this disc and wasting time to watch it.

I suspected that all of the bad reviews for the new “Cats” movie was mostly generated by those critics that hated the stage production. The critics that thought the “plot” was nonexistent…that thought the music was dated…that thought the characters were ridiculous and shallow.
To be fair, the stage production really was all that, but it still had quite a bit of charm and that’s what brought audiences to the stage versions year after year for 18 years on Broadway and 21 years on London’s West End.

The Tom Hooper version of put this charming little musical through a $100 million high tech washing machine and managed to remove every molecule of “charm” the production ever had.

Don’t be tempted to buy and watch this disc. You’ve been warned.