Publicly Financed Stadiums

Can anyone point me to a website that would list all U.S. professional sports stadiums built and financed by public tax money?

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Not a list, but a good article on the subject:

I don’t know if this site lists how stadiums and arenas were financed, but it has every major sports venue in North America. . I think that the majority of new football stadiums are publicly financed, 2 exceptions are the Redskins and Dolphins stadiums which were built by rich owners with huge egos.

Nearly all baseball stadiums as publicly financed; the only exceptions I can think of offhand are Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Tiger Stadium (to be torn down), and Dodger Stadium (the last to be privately funded). The original Yankee Stadium was privately funded, but the city took it over in the 1970s.

I don’t know much about which stadiums are publicly financed, but I am keeping up with the current furor over bringing the NFL to Los Angeles. They will need public funds (tax money? I am hazy on the details) to assist paying to bring the NFL back, and most Angelenos are apathetic about it, if not downright against it. They think their tax money is needed elsewhere.

The San Francisco Giants’ new stadium, Pacific Bell Park, is privately financed.
The Staples Center in LA, which will host 2 NBA teams and an NHL squad, was also privately financed.