Pulling out--am I right?

There is a particular driving manoeuver (gee, that doesn’t look right at all) that bugs the heck out of me. I have my own interpretation of why it is so wrong but I wonder if I am justifiably angry.

Here it is: I am toodling down the road at the speed limit (or so) and another car pulls out in front of me (turning from either side), not dangerously so, but enough to make me have to deaccelerate or even brake. Now, my interpretation is that nothing someone does in joining an existing flow of traffic should change that flow, at least initially. So, even if you are not cutting me off exactly, even making me change my driving is not OK.

Am I being overly rageful or do I have a point? The only time I really paid for it was braking on a slippy patch and doing a 180 over onto the shoulder. But we live in a relatively low traffic area so it’s not like waiting for someone to go by means you will miss the chance to turn for another half-hour.

[sub]Bobby said he’d pull out Bobby stayed in
Janey had a baby it wasn’t any sin[/sub]

That’s always been my understanding, too.

Well, I do think it’s rude to pull out in front of someone if you won’t be able to get to flow speed in time for the other person, and drivers should make an effort to do so. However, I think drivers have a duty to be aware that someone may do just that…whether they are rude or perhaps just misjudging the distance. If you’re going over the speed limit signficantly (which you said you weren’t), then it will be more likely that the person pulling out might misjudge the your speed and pull out inappropriately.

I’m with you on this. If I’m on the road and someone pulls a maneuver whereby I reflexively hit the brakes, then even if it was unlikely that I’d have actually hit them, I classify it in the bonehead category.

The other day, a car with a kayak pulled out in front of me turning left. That was OK, they had just enough room – I just took my foot off the accelerator and let them go. After they got safely in the lane, I automatically hit the accelerator to get back up to speed. And some * idiot * followed the first car’s turn and got pissed when I leaned on the horn and the brake at the same time. Oy.

You can certainly be angry. I’m even more pissed when that happens, and then the fellow who slows me down then makes a turn a very short distance later, forcing me to slow down even more. When he does so without using a turn signal, I’m down right furious.

You are being overly critical. One can argue… and I will… that curtesy is a two way street (pun intended) and you should be willing to share the road with fellow drivers. This includes fellow drivers who pull out a little slow or shade late or even those driving a little slower while looking for an address or a hunder other reasonable and not remotely dangerous traffic scenarios.

Now it may be a bit annoying to you to have to apply the brakes gently to avoid slamming into the car later but that’s hardly a serious inconvenience.

Save your anger and rage for the real idiots who actually do really stupid shit. Plenty of them around.

Well it depends. If it’s a busy road and there aren’t a lot of openings in traffic then yeah, I guess it’s ok to be a little on the aggressive side as long as it’s not dangerous. If you’re the only car on the road then I agree. There’s no reason not to just wait a few seconds for you to go by.

I agree with your premise; my driving should never impact another driver by making them swerve or brake. The corollary of people interfering with other drivers by pulling in is pulling off - when you go to leave the lane to make a right turn or change lanes, you should do so in such a way that traffic behind you is not affected at all if possible. This means pulling into the turning lane, THEN braking. It does not mean slowing down and making your right turn from the driving lane, with everyone slowing down behind you when they shouldn’t have to. This is definitely one of my peeves. Right up there with people turning their left turn signal light on after the light turns green and I’m stuck behind them.

Lots of nuances with this one.

There are some locations/situations where a driver will not find a large enough hole in the forseeable future. I have a high tolerance in these cases.

It also increases my tolerance if I can see that there is a long stack of traffic waiting on the cross street. Is it more rude to cause me to slow a little, or to force 20 people to wait what might be a very long time, for a really huge hole to come along?

Another favorable case is when the approaching traffic is, or is going to be slowing/stopping anyway…stacking up at a light for instance. Yes, I force some people to stop one car length farther back. They were going to have to stop to avoid an accident anyway, it might as well be to avoid an accident with me. In such cases, if a driver doesn’t pull out, then they will likely be trapped by the building line of stopped cars.

It’s really annoying, however, in cases where there is a huge hole, if any traffic at all, just a couple seconds beyond the undersized hole.

I also think that in cases where you think you need to pull into a margional hole, you owe it to the driver behind you to accelerate briskly afterward. Spraying him with gravel is to be avoided though.

What gets me are those who change lanes, then when their lane change is totally complete, then count to 5 mississippi* before starting to accelerating to the speed of the lane they change into.

Well I’m not sure what they are doing, but they take enough time to count to 5.

Man, did I ever think this thread was gonna be about something else…

I agree with the OP that someone joining traffic should not disrupt the traffic flow, but I also make allownaces for people misjudging distances or their ability to accelerate. IOW, if I have to take my foot off the gas because someone pulls out in front of me, I’m not gonna sweat it.

I’m not gonna sweat it either, but I am going to call them a dick.

That’s my solution, gigi, and it’s worked out OK so far.


Me too.

I’m with you on the rudeness of it. They sit there as the gap in front of you closes and then, pull out doing little to match the flow of traffic, and when you check your mirror, there’s a mile or more gap behing you. Three more seconds and you’d have been past and they could have taken all day.
But Noooo!
Having riden a motorcycle lo these many decades, I too am pretty good at anticipating these dumbasses. Doesn’t change the fact that they surely must have their heads planted snuggly up their ass.
A slight aside, someone mentioned turn signals. Ya know, if you turn the signal on in the same motion as turning the steering wheel

This happened to me about 20 minutes ago. I’m driving along, at the speed limit, and some moron pulled out of Wal-Mart in front of me, causing me to have to slam on my brakes. I laid on my horn and gave him the finger, but of course, he didn’t see me, too busy babbling away on his cell phone to pay attention to where he was driving.

I understand and reduce my speed near intersections in anticipation of people pulling out in front of me when traffic’s heavy, but there was nobody behind me. I heartily agree that people who do that are rude jerks.

And then there’s the classic pull out in front of you when there’s nobody behind you for miles, forcing you to slow way down, and then they proceed to make a left turn a block later, forcing you to stop and wait for them because it’s a one-lane road. I think shooting their tires out would be appropriate for these bubbleheads. No, wait, then they can’t get out of your way. Okay, how about running them off the road?