Pulling spring reverb from a trashed amp

Any dopers like to salvage parts from dead amps? I have an old Peavey Stage that isn’t in the best shape and will probably net $20 at the nearest pawn shop. I’m tempted to just trash it but wonder if it’s worth pulling the spring reverb.

Is it [ol]
[li]difficult to remove, electronically speaking?[/li][li]difficult to install into another amp?[/li][/ol]

I have replaced the amp with a Fender Frontman 212R, so it’s not like I need the reverb tank immediately.

The Peavey also has a 12-inch speaker that I would probably keep as a spare.

They’re easy to pull out, usually a couple of screws holding down a black tolex bag with a couple of RCA connectors. Useless though. New ones are pretty cheap ($35) and although is is possible to wire a reverb circuit into an old tube amp with point to point soldering, you’d need to wire in a new tube socket and probably a small transformer. It would probably be next to impossible to wire it into any amp with printed circuit boards. I am by no means an expert though, just a dabbler in building amp kits.

Yeah, I figured it was a tilting at windmills kind of thing.

Are you building tube amps from kits, and whose kits are you using? Expensive?

I built this amp from a kit from Doberman amps for about $300. This was the cheapest way to do it, you can buy multi thousand dollar kits for classic amps. Mine sounds pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Fun to build, frustrating to get rid of hum problems. I used the experience in building it to tackle refurbishing and tweaking my 1974 Deluxe Reverb, which now sounds amazing.