Pumping water on a grid.

For a fountain I am planning, I need to make a square grid of jets. The simplest solution would be a grid of perforated tubes. Will that work? The alternative would be two perpendicular “combs” of parallel tubes. The problem with that would be that it would need a ton of extra corners and I couldn’t get as close to the junctions as I would like.

Do they even make cross shaped junctions on PVC pipes?

If I make a grid and place my pump on one side, will there be more pressure (and consequently taller jets) on that side than on the far side?

Yes, they make cross PVC fittings.
Yes, if you pump from one end, the jets will be higher on that end.
You are probably going to need adjustable nozzles, not just holes. This will allow you to change the height of each jet individually.

You could also feed the pipe with the jets from both ends at once. That will help somewhat.

…And make the size of the pipe much larger than necessary.

After reading your other thread then this thread I conclude what you need is a hydraulic engineer. Hiring a professional might be beyond the scope of your project. I’d start by calling a local college that offers civil engineering to find a student willing to help you out.

That’s an excellent idea I hadn’t thought of. This project is being done with help from the city, so budget is tight for some things (and incredibly lose for some others). This could be a great resume building project for some student.

You’re gonna need a bigger pipe.