Pumpkin Soup – Help Needed Please

I’ve got two different types of pumpkin which need consuming in the very near future and a heap of shredded ham. I thought I would combine the lot into pumpkin soup, so I got out the recipe books and had a look at how to do this. Half the recipes roast the pumpkin first and the other half boil the pumpkin. So what gives do I roast or boil? Which would give a better flavour? If I roast do I coat in olive oil or dry roast? To add garlic or not to add garlic? Should I add the ham or will it make it taste funny?


Here’s a site that’s just brimming with pumpkin recipes, including soup.

IMHO, roasting vegetables brings out a nice, nutty flavour (wth a bit of oil, maybe some balsamic). But if you’re making soup, just do whatever’s easiest.
I found a pumpkin soup and ham recipe, but if I were you, I’d try the regular kind first, then add ham to a smaller batch, just in case.

I do what’s easiest at the time. Usually boiling it. Although roasting it is easier if you don’t want to peel it 'cause you can just scrape it out once it’s soft but boiling it you have to peel it.

I make a Thai-influenced soup by peeling pumpkin, adding it to some onion and garlic I’ve sauteed in oil, dumping in a can of coconut milk and boiling. I add Thai curry paste near the end and fresh coriander when I serve it. Oh and fish sauce too.

I promise it’s much better than it sounds ;).

Don’t forget the nutmeg!

Thai style with coconut milk sounds like a great idea Primaflora. Am off to try it out.

Roast the pumpkin first. Cook in the minimum amount of chicken stock and then mash. You can now put some aside to freeze for a pumpkin and ham risotto. Flavour the soup portion however you like with other things. I made pumpkin soup on Tuesday night and apart from the two different kinds of pumpkin I threw in whole pink peppercorns, onion, marinated sun-dried tomatoes(for the garlic flavour - I’d run out), a chili and some gin(for the juniper berry flavour). To serve it I thinned it with some cream and sprinkled a little basil on top. We all had seconds.

It worked great! Thank-you :slight_smile:

I roasted the pumpkins with garlic and onion for two hours first - coated in olive oil with some cumin seed sprinkled on top.

Then I added coconut milk and some chicken stock to make it soupy and blended all the ingredients together.

Was very yummy.

Today I’ve purchased some dried peas to make pea and ham soup.

I love winter.