Punch buggy

Does anyone rememeber playing the game punch
buggy as a kid? It’s the game where you see
a volkswagon beetle and you hit someone and say punch buggy (whatever the color), no punch back. What are the real rules?

Along the same vein: one of my college roomies played a variation: “pinch-woodie” when she saw a car with wooden sides. I have no idea where either one came from.

I knew it as “slug bug.” The rules are simple: first one to spot a VW Beetle gets to hit the other player on the arm. You have to call out “Slug bug!” as you hit your brother/sister/relative. Guaranteed to drive your parents nuts.

I remember it along the lines of what Guy says:Slug Bug! Geez, I hated that game!

Yep—Slug Bug. In truth, I never heard of it but my 22 year old nephew was telling me that he remembered it fondly from his growing-up years. He knew he was in for the long haul with his present girlfriend when, on their first date, about 10 minutes into it, she socked him a good one and yelled “Slug Bug” as they drove down the highway. Whatever, turns you on…

I remember it as “Punch Buggy”, but I grew up playing “Ditto”. 1 point for bugs, two for VW buses, three for school buses. Only in high school did I learn the true nature of Punch Buggy, at the whim of a much larger and more aggressive friend.
The rules as I remember are simple: “Punchbuggy!” + color + good one to the arm. No hitting back. And you have to point it out. Generally with three or more in the car you can get verification, but with the two-man game it can get nasty.
Play until Dad gets into the game, generally because he’s got at least a half-hour of road rage inside him. And he never points 'em out!

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My daughters also called the game “slug bug”.
Both have permenent injuries from when they used to visit me in the S.F. Bay area from Bakersfield.

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I also know it as “Slug Bug”. You need to call out “Slug Bug” + color and get to punch someone in the arm.

Has anyone heard of “Padiddle” (sp)? When you spot a car with only headlight out, you call “Padiddle”[1] and hit the roof of the car.

And then, finally, there is the out-of-state plate game (no name) in which you shout out the name of the state when you see an out of state plate and punch someone.

[1] Due to poor diction and poor listening skills, this has mutated into “Potato” with my sisters.

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Kat wrote:

Yes we used to play that! We hit each other instead of the roof of the car though. We also played punch buggy (didn’t bother yelling out the color of the car though) and beaver slap, which is when you see a car with the fake wooden panels.

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I used to play Punch Bug. Used slap each other, yell “punch bug+color+can’t punch back!”

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“Has anyone heard of “Padiddle” (sp)? When you spot a car with only headlight out, you call “Padiddle”[1] and hit the roof of the car.”

In my misspent dating years, “padiddle” involved kissing, not hitting the top of a car. One kiss for a headlight, two for a taillight. Double that if both were out. I think my way was much more fun.

We played Slug Bug in my neck of the woods (northeast Alabama) when I was a young lad.

We had something similar to what Hannu mentioned, only it was called “no backfire”. I believe this came about as the slugee invariably got pissed at being randomly punched and made up a “backfire” rule allowing revenge. As a result, we wound up saying “Slug bug (color) no backfire!”.

Slug Bug is especially hated when you’re the youngest of three brothers (3 and 4 years older than you).

When 3 or more people are playing, when the first person says punch buggy yellow(and punches someone) no punch backs. Can anyone else hit that first person?? Or do the other people have to fight amongst themselves??

My kids play slug-bug. “-no slugs back!” It drives me crazy, unless of course, I’m in the mood for it too. There are also many other slugging opportunities I’m surprised weren’t mentioned. “Cadillac Whack” and “pickup punch” to name a couple.

Did you guys ever have some ritual for going through a yellow light? As a kid we would touch the roof and then the dash board as we went through the intersection. The other day, I went through a yellow light and my son kissed his fingertips, and tapped the dash.


Where I grew up we played “slug bug.” We had to eventually make up a rule about “no slugs back.” So it went, “slug bug +color+ no slugs back.” Kinda dumb, but it gave us something to do in the car. We also played “padiddle,” It started put that you got to hit the person, but as we grew up, and dated more. It eventually became, if you saw a car with one headlight, you got to kiss anyone in the car. Punching is fun, but I like the newer version a whole lot more!

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Instead of “padiddle”, we said “popeye” (and I believe it was only for headlights).

I played Padiddle. It was (1) call out Padiddle for a missing head or tail light and you choose a reward. Example: Padiddle, you owe me a beer. (Usually same sex in car.) Padiddle, you owe me a kiss. :wink:

God I LOVED that game.