punctuation for the title of a document in quotes, with reference (need answer fast)

Struggling to figure out how to arrange these components. I have the title of a document, in quotes. The title ends with a question mark, but it’s being mentioned in a declarative sentence. In addition, there is a superscripted reference number referring to that document. So the sentence (right now) looks something like this:

I also had a role in “This Is The Name Of My Document?”.[sup]15[/sup]

Given that the question mark is a part of the title of that referenced document, should the period be in there with it? Should the period be present at all?

The superscripted reference should come after the final punctuation, correct?

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I would say that the OP is correct for the example given. I would expect the article’s title to be regarded as a title, not a question, and would enclose the whole title in quotes.

But is the ending period needed?

I would put in the period. I looked for a title that ended in a question mark being cited, but I did not find one.

Hmm - just thinking about titles, they pretty much don’t have ending punctuation, so I would leave the period off.

Professional copy editor here. I’m in bed now, so I’m not going to look this up, but I’m pretty sure that most major style guides would say that the period is not necessary. The question mark serves both functions. I certainly wouldn’t use it in my publication.

In the case at hand, you do not add another ending punctuation mark. To quote APA style (but the others would be the same, at least in the United States):

So, for your example, we get:
I had a role in “This Is The Name Of My Document?”[SUP]15[/SUP]

Your link states the same – way down there someplace. So it’s unanimous, except for tomnddebb.