Punctured eardrum, how do yuo know ?

How would I know, if I punctured an eardrum ?

I don’t sense any hearing loss, however every once in a while (1-2 days) I have this continuing ringing in my ear for a minute or so. If it did happen, it could be, when I blew my nose a bit overzealously, could that have caused it ?
What are some of the things that go with a punctured eardrum, or maybe something else similar to it ? Would there be blood ?

I don’t recommend the following method because contaminants can be blown into the inner ear from the eustachian tube, and the best way to tell is to go to a doctor.

Having had a punctured eardrum I can confidently state that one way to tell is to hold you nose, close your lips tightly and blow. If the eardrum doesn’t “pop” and air can be blown out through it, then it is punctured.

I’ve had a punctured eardrum twice, due to infection. Bloody wax was on my pillow and I spent the day in bed praying that my life would soon be over or at least someone would come remove the knife from my head.

I suspect you didn’t blow an eardrum, but you could very well have some fluid or wax in the wrong place.

A punctured eardrum isn’t necessarily painful. My second one came from an exceedingly boneheaded stunt on my part when I was a senior in high school. I was at the local country fair and milking machines were being demonstrated. I wanted to hear what a milking machine sounded like so I put one of the cups up to my ear.

Bad move. Out went the ear drum slick as a whistle. There was never any pain although I could blow air out my air for some time afterward. That was in the spring of 1940. I don’t know how long it takes to heal but I took and passed the Army aviation cadet physical exam in September of 1942.

You my friend probably have an ear infection. Go to a doctor and find out for sure because it could get worse over time either way.