Punk rockers, "gangsters," and goths.....OH MY!

First off, let me state that I AM NOT judging anybody, saying that they have no right to express themselves in any manner they feel to be appropriate, or questioning the validity of their beliefs.

I am just curious as to how certain people’s entire existances seem to revolve around their “images.” Why would listening to a certain type of music effect one’s entire perception of reality?

I have intentionally left out the fashion aspects of these “sub-cultures” to avoid what happened in my pevious attempt at curing my ignorance.

Example 1: Young upper-middle class teenager begins listening to hip-hop. Teenager then feels as though they must study said genre of music to emulate “heroes.” Said teenager has been raised to speak proper English, but abondons native language in an effort to be “down.” This person has never been anywhere near a ghetto, nor come into contact with anyone who speaks “Ebonics,” other than his friends who also “study” Ebonics.

Example 2: Teenager decides that since she listens to the Cure, Smiths…etc, she must now be a witch, “Satanist,” or vampire. SPOOKY!
Also, why aren’t mummys and lycanthropes considered fashionable?

Please don’t flame me over the witch thing, these people are NOT Wiccans.

As the only hiphop witch in the southeast, I am horribly offended by your post. May the ghost of 17 tortured souls haunt yo dreams and bust a cap in yo ass.
Bubble bubble toil and trouble, Beyotch.

Why you gotta hate on me?
Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

Much clearer.

My off the cuff theory is that each of these people feels so unique and special that they simply have to express their special uniqueness. The best way of doing that is by finding a group of other unique and special people and doing exactly the same special and unique things they do, while making sure it’s calculated to annoy your parents as much as possible.

If I was to stop being flip and dismissive for a moment I’d probably mumble something about rites of passage and creating an identity separate from the one assigned to them by the dominant institutions in their lives, and how this has a tendency to be done by rejecting the entire structure of one’s upbringing.
Uptight 1950’s childhood? Free love on the commune. Daddy was in mergers and acquisitions in the '80’s? Head for Seattle, and don’t spare the slack. It’s still glib, but it rings true.

I think there’s a chicken and the egg thing with whether musical taste affects outlook or outlook affects musical taste.

Werewolves are not fashionable because they are, at least in part, too close to the reality of adolescence. Hair sprouts where none did before, your shape changes, and your body starts doing things without consulting you first. Plus, y’know, drool. A mummy is nothing but a guy who’s been dead for a whole lotta years, which works for vampires but mummies are without the benefits of clubbing all night, getting on fluid intimacy terms with attractive members of the preferred sex and looking really good in black. Plus, y’know, dust.


Having a one note week, are we?

2trew - that may be flip, but I think you’ve got at least part of the theory down perfectly. The other day my newly-turned-teenage daughter announced that she was “into” punk* music - which was immediately followed by her donning a black tee-shirt and a spiked wristband she purchased at Hot Topic.

So yes, I think kids are trying on new identities, and let’s face it, the only identity you’re really familiar with as a kid is the one your parents smushed you into. Since creating a whole new unique identity takes some time and effort, they just latch on to whatever looks/sounds/feels sufficiently different from what they know.

I don’t think it’s calculated to be irritating, but irritation from your parents is a pretty good indication that you’re no longer what they made you, if that makes sense.

(*By “punk” my daughter means Bowling For Soup, OK GO, Avril Levigne and New Found Glory. She has not yet twigged to the fact that her mother used to attend Slits and Skinny Puppy concerts.)

Having reading comprehension problems, are we?:stuck_out_tongue:

First of all–when you are around people who dress a certain way, it is natural that you start dressing more like they do. This applies to everyone, not just punks or goths or “gangsters.” It’s just life.

Personally, I dress in some clothes that are influenced by the punk/goth scene–this is not because I want to be like everyone else but because I want to have my own identity, and part of it is that I just plain old like how goth and punk clothes look. If I don’t wear them because people like you complain I’m just trying to fit into a rebellious stereotype, then what am I doing? I’m… gasp conforming. To your stereotypes. It’s like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, isn’t it? But hey–it’s not like your complaint is breath-takingly original–I’ve heard it before a million times, no doubt I’ll hear it again. Think what you like–if I absolutely have to conform to a subculture, I’ll take the one with better clothes, thanks.

I just worry that we’ve bumped the stakes too much.

Angry Daughter: “Mom, I’m getting a tattoo and you can’t stop me!”

Mom: “Oh, great, I need a touchup on mine and it’s about time I gauged up my nipple rings anyway. I’ll make us an appointment for Saturday, we can go for coffee and desert after.”

I live in fear of how my daughter will try to shock me.

Tanaqui, I assume you’re responding to my post. If so, reread the OP. I doubt your entire existence revolves around your image. If it did, you wouldn’t be here. That would mean I wasn’t talking about you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Grandad here has to go. My cassette player’s broken, and I need to flip “Bedtime for Democracy”.

2trew: Didn’t you mean to say “8-track”? :smiley:

No, I don’t have any DK on 8-track. I hear rumours that you can get some Joy Division and early Bauhaus in that format, though.

Yeesh, I refuse to use smileys, but there are completists out there, so I AM KIDDING! I KNOW OF NO SUCH THING!

I’m sorry, but you know nothing of me. I happen to think some goth and punk girls are just about the cutest things going. I won’t deny it, alot of them, if done right, LOOK BEAUTIFUL.

But let’s not kid ourselves, a lot of the pretension gets old quickly.
Please, tell me more about CTHULU, and how people stare at you everywhere you go…(If you go out of your way to look drastically different than the established norm, EXPECT ATTENTION!)

My reasoning behind behind this post is to try to understand how this ball gets set into motion.

As I stated in a previous post, I have been in a “punk” band for over 10 years, and have been listening to “punk” music,(as well as many other types) for at least 15 years. I am not trying to convey any “punker than thou” attitude, just stating the facts, and to tell you the truth I have seen A LOT of people come and go from the “scene” as soon as something new comes along.(this works in cycles.)

If something is so important to you, it controls every aspect of your life, how can it just be pushed aside for the next all-consuming obsession?

LifeOnWry scuttles her 8-tracks of T. Rex and Three Dog Night under the desk…

2trew, you are DA BOMB!

If 2trew is da bomb then I’m outta here before he goes off.

[Homer] So long suckers! [/Homer]

Easy. You’re young, you’re trying new things, you get distracted, you become more aware of other possibilities, you assign a new level of importance to something else, you move on.

It’s called maturing – and by that I am not implying any immaturity in what YOU like. It’s just a part of the whole process. Your commitment to your preferred form of expression wasn’t acheived in one swell foop… you learned about it, became more involved, it became important to you. Now you’ve reached a level of “completion” some people don’t feel a need to strive for. And you may reach a point in your life when you feel this is no longer the best expression of you.

Hmph. Bomb. Everybody’s got the bomb. I wanted to be VX.

**WRY[/B, don’t misunderstand, I am etremely immature.

The other day, my little sister (freshly 13) decided she was a punk rocker, after purchasing a Good Charlotte CD. She had never heard my band before, due to language and what may be considered potty humor. “That’s just screaming” She said.
My reply was what I consider to be my mantra: “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand” She then proceeded to say “That’s NOT punk!”

                     She was right.:(

VX only kills people, the bomb is better. Not oly does the bomb kill people, it also fucks shit up at the same time. Much cooler.