Pup so excited about reunion, he passes OUT

ah, this is so cute. I look forward to being greeted by my dogs when I come home.

text article with video at the end.

I played that and my dog wondered where the doggy squealing was coming from. So cute, and so happy.

I hope there’s not a medical reason for the dog fainting. I’ve seen a lot of excited dog videos welcoming somebody home. This is the first one I’ve seen faint.

Smaller-breed dogs have a tendency to hold their breath when they are super excited or agitated. Every vet I’ve ever worked with has hundreds of stories of chihuahuas, yorkies, poodles, and the like getting so overstimulated on the exam table that they passed out. And I think we’ve all seen the infamous ‘fainting goat’ videos. Provided there’s no underlying health issue, it’s fairly normal.


The writer Adam Troy Castro made a post on his Facebook that as much as he liked these videos, he’d had dogs (although he now owns cats) and, knowing dogs, those videos could just as easily be titled, “Owner returns from journey to mailbox! See this dog go crazy after not seeing his owner for a full thirty seconds!” :smiley:

Very cute! Interesting that it’s a Miniature Schnauzer. I had one that did the very same thing, but passed out cold and even seemed not to be breathing. After she revived we took her right to the vet’s, and even after blood work they could find nothing wrong.

Fainting goats aren’t really fainting, IIRC; it’s some sort of involuntary muscle response. As to the pup: Aww. And it certainly beats the more familiar “total loss of bladder control” canine excitement response.

“the wee-wee of delight!!”

Maybe the dog has narcolepsy. These dogs came to my elementary school for a presentation.

It reminds me of the time our dog (also a schnauzer) started emitting a high-pitched squeal exactly like the video, then fell over. In our case there was no reunion going on - we think she just had a seizure. Scared the crap out of us and got us an emergency visit to the vet (first time we’ve ever had a vet in a tuxedo - poor guy was at a party or something).

Dogs are great. They may seem to deal with their people being gone, but they remember. We dogsat for a friend’s shar-pei a few years back and she seemed perfectly happy with us (she’d done very poorly at kennels which was why we offered) but the minute her humans showed up, the pure unadulterated JOY was unmistakeable. Fortunately, neither pee nor pass-out ensued.