Puppy food or not to puppy food

As I had previously posted, my GF(I’ll just call her Leela(not her real name obviously) from here on out) has gotten a Hermes olde english bulldogge for her birthday. She is 11-12 weeks old, and 15 pounds as of yesterday.

The vet she saw yesterday reccomended puppy food only, while the breeder says they prefer adult food as the puppy will not grow as fast (they are considered a mastiff breed). Charlie (the puppy) comes from a breeding pair that are 110 and 90 pounds each, lean. Obviously Leela wants to do whats best for the puppy, but we are torn between advice from a vet (though the vet was clueless to the breed), and the breeder(who has raised many of this breed of puppies).

You can see the breeders website (yay we found it finally, spelling means everything).

We are welcome to all advice, please.
Fry, Leela, and Charlie

You do a little bit of both. That way it’s getting the extra protein for a growing puppy without overloading it as a slow-growing breed.

You could try one of those “Giant” or large breed puppy food, that are made for big dogs. They have slightly less energy content than regular puppy food, and they’re made exactly to slow down a bit of the dog’s growth (which I think is why your breeder wants you to feed the puppy adult dog food).

Yep, that’s what I’d do. A large breed puppy food.

Thanks, didnt even know there was such a thing(of course thats why I asked here) as Large Breed puppy food. Ill have to let Leela know so she can pick some up.

Dog food you say? ::slurps::



We have an 8 month old English Mastiff and both the breeder and the vet said adult food only. Granted, Bamster is near 200 lbs and should reach at least 260-280 by the time he is 2 1/2 years old.

All this thread needs now is Hypno-Toad.