Puppy Pics

Okay all,

Here are the puppy pics (I hope this works).

There are four, not including mom (Daisy). Two are little males, mostly black and white. I have named those two Bean and Razz. The other two are female and are brown and white, they are Houdini and Marigold.

Sorry they are a little blurry, hard to take the pic with a wiggly-wormy puppy in one hand.

Momma and Babies

Baseball Karma

Baseball karma 2





Aw! All cute and shit…


Oh yeah, what kind are they?

Sorry - they are Jack Russell Terriers

They are all rescue dogs, so if anyone wants one they are all looking for homes :slight_smile:

Cuties… :slight_smile:

My dog is named Houdini, also. He would approve.

Oh God, those little Jack babies! They’re so adorable it hurts!

If you live within a hundred clicks, I will absolutely have a home ready for him. Well, providing Cat agrees.

You are in Kamloops? I don’t think this will work - I am in Winnipeg. Unless you feel like taking a big road trip :slight_smile:

I can’t have a dog right now, but DAMN! If I could, I’d take one of those! So cute!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are shipping services which specialize in transporting pets. Also, some small airports will refer you to a pilot who’s flying that way and you could meet the plane to pick up the dog.

Then, there’s the thousands of Dopers. Start a thread on it. I betcha you could get a puppy railroad going with the dog being transported in stages along the way by willing participants.


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Puppies!!

How is the one doing that you were bottle feeding?

OMGCUTE. :smiley: :smiley:

I think the picture labeled “Houdini” should have just been a picture of your hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is doing okay, but he is still much, much smaller than his siblings. I am still supplementing a little, once or twice a day.

They are moving to a new foster home tonight :frowning: It has just been too hard on my cat, plus my MIL (my in-laws own our house) found out and freaked! You would think we had wild dingoes in the living room.

Anyway I will have to say goodbye to all of them, even little Bean (he is the bottle fed baby).

As long as they don’t eat your baby, I don’t see a problem.

Where are you from? I have to meet you!

Northwest Indiana originally but currently living in Hamburg, Germany for the next two year.

Any word on the job interview yet?

I got a call looking for references, so that’s a good sign