Purple Chick on Andromeda

I watch the show now and again but this show’s schedule has been shuffled around so much that I haven’t kept up with the program.
Why isn’t the purple chick purple anymore?

I’ve only seen three episodes, but I saw the one this happened in: it was a space time anomaly that put different parts of the ship into different time-lines. Purple chick got switched with her counterpart from several years in the future (about twenty, IIRC) when everything’s gone to hell and most of the major characters are dead. They switched because the newer version has memories of all the decisions they made wrong, and can councel them to avoid making the same mistakes.

But she’s no where near as hot when she’s not purple!

(What that says about me, I don’t want to know. I’ll settle for purple is hotter than that crappy golden brown color she is now)