Purple Martins Return

swallows dive and swoop
missing me with precision
–bringing me their sky

I looked to the sky tonight because of you. I give my dreams to the sky and my truth to the earth, all my love to you.

“For purple martins’ majesties…” :cool:

Well, then. I see someone doesn’t have to worry about a hangover on thursday morning.


I thought this was a thread about those revolting purple Doc Martens that were the fashion de rigeur a few years back.

If they ever make a return, I’m going to revert back to beige cardigans and sandals with socks as a protest.


Not to mention duck for your life if ever they took flight …

Everybody’s being cutsey in this thread, but I applaud your esthetic appreciation of those birds, devilsknew.

Sometimes my backyard birds flip me into ecstacy, too.

Fine looking birds.