Pushin' Dope?

I tell my friends (IRL) about the SDMB all the time, but I haven’t convinced a one of 'em to sign up.

At least I don’t think any of my friends are Dopers.

Has anyone else convinced their friends to visit the SDMB? Is it anyone we know?

I’m the pusher(wo)man…

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Most of my friends computer know how reminds me of something Homer Simpson once said:

“Oooohh, they have the internet on computers now”

I did tell someone at work, but he wasn’t interested. I kind of like it that way, because then I don’t have to censor any of my posts worrying about my co-workers knowing so much info that could get me in trouble.

A couple of my friends have considered joining. (I don’t push it; I’m just here on the lab computers all the time) I’m not sure whether or not I’d like that. Another person (not a friend) said he thought it’d be funny to come troll here. I told him in no uncertain terms that if he did I’d rip out his spleen. I’m a little protective of this place I guess.


I’ve told a few close friends about this board. Two have joined. One won’t tell me his screen name, though. I hate knowing that he knows who I am and is posting around the boards, but I don’t know who he is.

I came into the board after being invited by a close friend who was having a great time here (Sealemon) and invited two other close friends to join, who did (purplecrackwhore and ultress). If you see the name wyzwmn soon, welcome her by throwing her into the pit. She will have some very witty things to say im sure.

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I don’t think I’d like it very much if people I knew joined. This is my place to just let loose and if my friends were reading, I’d feel a little bit inhibited. My husband knows I post here, of course, but he hasn’t shown much interest in it, aside from reading the occasional thread as he passes by the computer.

I was invited here by my friend Canadian Sue. She was telling me what a kick it was and to come try it out. I mentioned it to a fellow surfer (Rugrat) and also I talk alot about the stuff that goes on here IRL. None of the RW people can understand why I want to spend my free time posting to a board where my spelling and grammar is checked so thoroughly. I tell them it must be my need to revisit my childhood English class. LOL

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Sue, you’re a much better recruiter than I. I’ve told manny people about this MB and have yet to interest anyone. I think it’s going to be hard to interest people who haven’t already had some kind of online dialog.

I find it is rather hard to get cows to type, so I’m the only one from my herd here. (Hooves are a bitch on keyboards!)

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I’ve gotten CanadianSue to join, and she asked ultress and PCW to join before I could :wink:

These are all my online friends; I don’t think I’d want my local buddies on here.

They’re smart and all, but message boards aren’t really their speed. One only goes online to game, and the rest have that Evil Internet view shoved so far up their noggin you’d need the jaws of life to get it out.

Besides, I kinda like having my own little place here, away from my local friends.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I agree Seale… most of my local friends think the net is a curse and that only psychos are on it (well… ummmmm) the only local one in here would be wyz and she’s great… and she knows everything about me anyways LOL so she wouldnt be shocked to know that this afternoon I was dying for wild sex!! I would only invite people I trust.

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Why y’all lookin’ at me???

I don’t plan on telling anyone I know about this place. I would then feel like I’d have to censor myself, what a pain that would be!

Besides, none of my friends have invited me to join their newsgroups or message boards, I suspect they feel the same way I do.

I don’t think I’d like it if my real-life pals started hanging around here. I wouldn’t be able to talk about them behind their back anymore…

And besides, don’t take this the wrong way, but I probably wouldn’t invite you folks to tea with my family and friends, either… Separation of real life and Net life. It works for me, and it can work for you!

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I’ve told countless IRL and online friends about this place. I’ve gotten exactly one to actually post, and she in turn got her husband to.

I’ve told a few friends about it, one registered but has not posted, she and one other friend lurk around alot. They’re more interested in reading than posting, because as cool as it is, they’re afraid they’ll be attacked for poor grammar/spelling/UNcapitalization/etc.

Hiya Terry and Tammy!!!

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I always try to get my friends interested in things I like. I try to get them to post on the SDMB, go to Rocky, join the SPA (or at least go to a meeting, if they aren’t pagan), listen to the Beatles, join my internet webring, or even visit my website. The results? One friend of mine posted here a total of 3 times (Alexandria); a few of my friends show up at Rocky once in a blue moon (and one of them is going to see it for the first time ever this weekend); one person showed up at the SPA once; and there are 5 sites on my webring (2 are mine!). Again and again I meet utter failure. Either the person is totally uninterested or they say, “Yeah sure, I’ll do that” and never do (or they do it once). I really should just give up. :slight_smile:


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