Put silver wings on my son's chest - WTF?

Ballad of the Green Berets

What massive egotism!

She’s lost her husband and now she’s supposed to sacrifice her kid? Yeah right!

… Little late, aintcha?

Pitting a song that was a hit in 1966. That is impressive. What’s next, pitting the open theme to Star Trek from the same year because it says “where no **Man ** has gone before”.

Lame, very lame. Two sentences and a link does not make a good pitting.
Why is it so terrible for a Proud Green Beret to want his son to grow up to be a Green Beret? I would not want to be one, I would prefer if my son was not one, but there is surely no shame in the accomplishment.


Are you going to begin Pitting all the songs written when you were starting kindergarten, now?

I love that song. The website though? Has GOT to go.

Well, it could be worse, I have a relative that is traning to become a Green Beret. I asked him once “Did you ever considered the Marines?” he then said like if it was a matter of fact:

  • “Heck no! We call them “bullet catchers”” :eek:

C130 rollin down the strip
Second Platoon gonna take a little trip
Load up lock em down shuffle to the door
Jump on out and shout “Marine Corps”

If that chute don’t open wide
I got another one by my side
If that chute don’t blossom round
I’ll be the first one to hit the ground

Pin them medals upon my chest
Tell my momma I done my best
Don’t single out the Army, we’re all stupid.

Yeah website is a bit on the garish side. Flag cursor on part of the site is neat though.

Got to say I found the song quite stirring. Can see it could have real emotional power in certain circumstances. Even as a non-Yank I can still appreciate it.
Lame pitting a song like that especially on timescale. What’s next

“I pit the Romans for invading Gaul”

“I pit gravity for making the moon so close that it affects the tides.”

It’s never too late to pit history boy! Bismarck’s polices are next!

If you pit it for anything pit it for “to boldly go”. Around here you split an infinitive at your peril.

The TV network TBS used to be a little more interesting back in the day. You should experience their old anthem from the 1980s, replete with vignettes of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard beatin all hell out of Dusty Rhodes:

They’re the heeeeros of today
A-merica looves to watch them plaay
They’re the heeeroes of the naytion
Super Spoooorts
On Super Station!

Well, there go my next two pit threads. :frowning:

Yeah! They totally mislead the people by cherry-picking the intelligence coming out of Schleswig-Holstein!

Even 40 year old music can suck enough to be pitted. This one does. About the only songs from that era with schmaltzier lyrics were “Running Bear” by Johnny Preston and and “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro. The Green Beret song is truly one of the most wretched pieces of crap ever to hit the airwaves.

Big Bang?! What good is it?

Kung Fu Fighting? Disco Duck? Anything by the Village People?

Don’t feel so bad. You can always pit the Romans for razing Carthage.

It’s just not the same, though.

I thought I’d go for something a bit less extreme: I Pit the Pangaean Drought and Resultant Desertification

Didja click on it, thinking it was a link?

I remember, Lord, how I remember. I would have pitted it then, but no such opportunity existed. It does bring up a recommendation, however. If you ever want to see a perfectly cunning piece of propaganda, exquisitely crafted…see John Wayne in The Green Berets. A masterpiece of mendacity, it inspired my cousin Clay to volunteer. I didn’t forgive The Duke until True Grit, which I just couldn’t resist. Tried, but couldn’t.

Clay returned home safe, thank you for asking. Turns out he was a whizz at typing, spent his entire tour in Saigon. The experience enlightened his racial and political attitudes big time and downtown, he first introduced me to guys in Viet Nam Veterans Against the War.

And so it goes…