Putting Folks in Order w/ no alphabet

How do Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai cultures put people in order for things like graduations, roll call, etc. In cultures with an alphabet with an order, alpha by last name is handy, and no stigma when Zeke Zed is last or hard feelings when Arnold Aardvark is first.

Do the non-alphabet cultures draw names from a hat for graduation, or have some other typical basis to put folks in some kind of sequence?

Japanese, at least, has an alphabetical order, by sound - a e u i o, ka ke ku ke ko, etc. The dictionary, however, is by strokes.

Japanese has an “alphabetic order” that they use: A K S T N H M Y R W
If the first part of a symbol is the same, they are sorted by vowel: A I U E O

So Yamamura would come before Yamamoto, and both would come before Washiyama. IIRC, this system has been used since the Meiji era (it began in 1868). Prior to that time there was a system called the iroha ordering, based off of an old poem that used every sound in Japanese exactly once (I RO HA were the first three sounds in the poem).

I have no doubt that both the Koreans and Thai use a similar fixed ordering for the sounds in their scripts. I’m going to guess that the Chinese (PRC) would probably use some order based on pinyin romanization now, and previously used something like the old Japanese system… other possibilities such as stroke count and the like seem too unwieldy.