Puuullleeezze Help Me With My Homework

I have to find an article for my logic class to analyze and write an essay over what I find wrong with it. I have to have something where the author shows an obvious biased in the subject and/or an argument that has poor logic. The article has to be from a well known source such as The New York Times or something like that. I’ve been scouring the internet searching for a credible source with such an article but I can’t seem to come up with anything. Anyone know of any good sources?


Nothing says “bias” like a Chick tract. LOL!

Okay, I’ll be serious. Would a movie review do?

The State of the Union address?

Hey, I like this idea! It is easy to see where the speech is biased but should I analyze the entire speech or is there a one subject in particular that Bush addressed that was really overly biased? Unemotional opinions would be very helpful here.

You could narrow it down to his statement on health care costs.


You could write what’s wrong with his 250k offer.

Maybe you could just submit your original post as the essay & then you could analyze why the people of the SD shouldn’t be doing your schoolwork for you?

Nobody’s doing Penumbra’s homework, handy. They’re merely making suggestions for the topic of his essay. Doing his homework would entail contributing paragraphs to the essay.

…which I’m willing to do at $50 a word.

If you are a liberal, look at http://nationalreview.com
If you are conservative, look at http://salon.com

Both are pretty well known and pretty well slanted to one side. Should be easy to find something you disagree with.

If you go with the State of the Union, I would definitely read through it and pick the one subject that you have the most to say on.

Wouldn’t any Ann Coulter article suffice?

There have been some doozies, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Ted Rall would be a good one coming from the other side.

Any editorial or opinion piece from any newspaper?

Go to www.fark.com Always some crazy articles to be found there.

Ooops, should have added this gem, which JRDelirious posted in this thread. It is so bad, it might be too easy for you.

I’ll do it for $25 a word :smiley: