Puzzle - spot the connection

Spot the connection:

Answers in spoiler boxes, please.

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Douchebags? :slight_smile:

Let’s see… We have seven copies of a painting of Eve (seven faces of…?), a bearded dude with a white necklace, the nurses from MASH, some numbers that I think are part of an ENIGMA-cracking effort, a British bomb squad, Herbie the Love Bug, one of the boot camp scenes from Full Metal Jacket, a Prius, a musical note, and a tattoo of MASH characters. I’m guessing that each image somehow represents a movie, and that the connection is some actor who’s been in all of them, but more than that, I can’t say.

It’s actually the WOW! Signal

Oh, yeah, I should have recognized that.

Before this thread moves into 14 k of g in f p d territory, I’d like for the OP to confirm that he knows the answer.

Yes, I know the answer. I thought up the puzzle, and found the pictures.

I don’t think anyone’s going to get it.

Of course not. It’s like when you have a tune in your mind, and you try to tap it out, say on a table, for someone else. To you, it sounds like the tune in your mind, because you synch it; but to the other person, it’s just incoherent tapping. That’s what this “puzzle” is.

“Seven eves” is a palindrome. Dunno if that’s part of it, but its interesting.

ETA: as is “a toyota” for the prius. Perhaps all the images can be made palindromes.

Ooh, that could be. There’s also “pull up” and “navy van”.

“nurses run”

Oh yeah. And “radar” and “race car.” Guess I was wrong.

“Radar” might actually be “soot tattoos”. Still don’t have the half note or that guy in the upper left.

The music symbol is a minim.

I have no idea who the dude is. I first thought it looked a bit like Jesse James, but don’t think that’s right.

O memsahib bart, rabbi has memo.

A certain member of the SDMB. He posted the pic in a thread a while back.

Congrats to **Simplicico **for solving.

I Love Me, Vol. I


Thanks. That was fun.

(sorry to ignore your instruction to spoiler box, I didn’t realize the eve thing was going to be the answer till after I’d posted it.)