Q about "The Voice"

Given that I don’t regularly watch television, my only experience with this show, “The Voice”, has been the occasional YouTube clip.

For regular watchers, is my impression correct? It appears to me that the “premise” of the show is that the judges are supposed to judge contestants purely on their voices, not on appearance, stage presence, or performance skills. Hence, the judges all start with their backs to the singers.

If that’s so, I think it’s awesome, given that I’ve discovered some wonderful singers via audio only. But, every video I’ve watched has seemed to be each singer’s first appearance, given that I’ve always seen the judges with their chairs turned away at the start. How does the show progress after that? Once the judges have turned around and seen the singers?

I was prompted to ask because of this clip:

What a wonderful singer, who seems to be completely gobsmacked at how quickly the judges turned around. (and btw, I recognize Faith Hill and Seal, but who are the other two?)

After the first appearance, the show progresses like any other show of its type.

I like the opening rounds and watching the chairs turn. After that, I stop.

The “coach” first pits two artists against each other and then picks one to continue. This means that the artists are dependent on being given songs that are in their wheelhouse. They’re at the mercy of their coach (who, admittedly wants them to succeed, but I’ve seen contestants kicked off simply because the song they were assigned doesn’t play to their strengths).

The coaches for that season of The Voice Australia were Delta Goodrem, Seal, Ricky Martin and Joel Madden.

She is a lovely singer. I see she placed third and has her own YouTube channel and an album released a year ago.

That wasn’t Faith Hill? She looks exactly like a young Faith Hill.

Yes, they do look very similar. I did a quick Google search and see that there are others who feel the same way. I was surprised it wasn’t Faith Hill as well. I took your word for it and was surprised when I looked up the coaches.

I saw Faith in concert on her 28th birthday (I was actually there for Tim McGraw), and, yeah, she looked just like that.