Q for Those Supporting DoD

I was going to be offered a DoD position, but the work was granted to a different DoD contractor at the last minute. Meanwhile, my would-be employer is still going to move ahead with initiating a security clearance with the hopes of bringing me onboard in the near future. (The clearance is good for 180 days.)

The problem is I have the opportunity to go to a DoD job fair, and it would help my chances if I could say I have a clearance - which I cannot say. But, can I explain a security check is in progress? I fear this will just lead to questions about how can this be. Is this routine during such tough economic times and I should feel safe mentioning a clearance is pending without a job, or should I not say anything?

What a Catch-22! You need the clearance to get a job, but you need the job to get a clearance! - Jinx

I do support DoD myself, but I don’t have a clearance. That said, I think you’d probably be OK in explaining that you have a clearance pending. If the hiring contractor wants more details, it shouldn’t hurt to tell them. We all know that contracts get moved all the time. It doesn’t reflect on the individual employee. That’s why my resume is all chopped up with different employers - I’ve stayed with the contract, not the employers.