Q) Is there a magazine heaven?

You see them one week and the next week they have be replaced by their “heir.”

I am talking about magazines.

Like the magazines at the grocery store checkout counter.

Now I know someone’s gets a credit for unsold copies but …

Q) Where do unsold copies of magazines go?


Terence in Marietta, GA

“… Be someone’s hero …”

Many of them, in the trash or recycling bin. Vendors often request a return of just the cover to verify credit for unsold copies and tell the store to destroy the rest. This isn’t true in all cases but is pretty standard. Same thing happens with paperback books.

Pharmacy clerks do this to the magazines in grocery/drug store where I often shop. There will be shopping cart full to be taken out to the trash.

Check out the first few pages of paperback books and you’ll see the notice about a paperback without a cover…