Q: Preserving Your CDs and DVDs?

I once heard there is a way to re-polish the surface of CDs and DVDs to buff out light scratches and such superficial defects and blemishes. Yet, I do not see any device nor service offering to do so. On one hand, it would seem a rather simple matter. And, libraries could surely use this service! (Doing away with books on tape is the WORST thing libraries could do. Every book on CD now skips!)

Anyhoo, I digress: OTOH, I am picturing a device that would spin the CD while buffing the surface; however, then I realized you are suppose to wipe radially (and not circumferentially) when wiping the readable surface of a CD or DVD.

So, is there actually some automated way to “polish” CD/DVD surfaces other than by hand? (After one or two by hand, it quickly becomes a pain in the butt! And, results are not guaranteed!) What’s the SD on this?

Rip them to a hard drive.


Whenever I rent DVDs from the local video store, they always stick them in a machine that cleans/polishes them for a few seconds.