Q: Subscription Types

It’s that time of year where I will need to renew my SD subscription once again. Can you remind me what a Custom Title Member Subscription is? …Is this an upgrade on top of the basic subscription price? And, if so, what is the advantage(s)?

Any member can pay to get a custom title under their name when they post. It’s not an upgrade. It’s just a feature you can pay to have.

Custom Title Member Subscription is for a custom title that appears under your name. For example, I have a custom title which is “Robot Mod in Beta Testing”, which appears under my user name for every post.

It’s purely an optional thing, and if you want a custom title, there is an additional fee for it.

Only members and charter members can have custom titles. Guests cannot (ETA: Moderators and Admins can too). For charter members, the subscription is called Custom Title Charter Member Subscription, if I recall correctly (or something close to that).

Ah! Thank you very much for your reply.

NB: a quirk of this (Im not sure if its a vBul thing, or if it can’t be gotten around somehow by a reference to a date stamp)–that custom title will be applied under your username to all your posts from the time you change it as well as all your previous posts.

So if one day in the future ecg changes his custom title to “Wise One Who Has Modded for 20 Years,” and you zombie this thread, two things will become apparent:

  1. This mini-exchange of you, me, and ecg will be thoroughly un-understandable

  2. Everyone will think that in 2018 ecg was lying his ass off. [Not about the "Wise One, of course.]