Q3 Mod Question

OK i downloaded the Q3 rally mod , but it doesnt seem to be working . This is the first time I’m using a mod , so i dont know how they work , where to do i unzip the files . It came with the instruction of unzipping it in the main quake dir but that doesnt seem to be working!!!

Look in your Q3 folder, is there a new folder called Q3 RALLY or something similar ?

If there is not, but instead all the Rally files have just been unzipped directly into the Q3 folder then it probably will not work.

If this is the case I would advise you to find out which files were put into the Q3 folder that relate only to your rally mod and delete them by hand, be extremely careful and if you are not 100% confident then leave it alone.

Next, create a folder in you Q3 folder called Rally, and then use winzip to put them into that folder.

When you run the game and you get the first menu up, select ‘Mods’ and you should see your Rally mod there, click on it and it should start up.