Qagdop who? (MsRobyn's column on toothpaste)

Somebody spelled our resident Mercotan’s name wrong! Twice, even.

Is toothpaste an effective treatment for burns? Sept. 30, 2015.


Damn autocorrect!

Now I feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of neutronium eaters.

And where’s my SDSAB title! Or half a title?


[sub]kudos to Ms. Robyn for getting that put together[/sub]

Title? Title? Well, aren’t we full of ourselves. Titles are reserved for…well, I’m not really sure who they’re reserved for, but they’re certainly not for the likes of us peons. All we get for our hard work in aiding the SDSAB is maybe a byline.

Titles! <Harumpf!>

Leastways they spelled your name right! I stick my zymolosely polydactile tongue out at you (for a second time. First time was when you asked to see it at that mexican restaurant).

Is half a title a tit?

Works for me . . .

Oh, Cynthia?

Fools! Did they think that the yieldlessness of absolute neutronium could stop QADGOP THE MERCOTAN? And that human wench Cynthia, cowering in helpless terror just beyond this thin and fragile wall…