QAnon election workers in action

Further down the article it says

So were they planning on blasting their way in, dumping ballots on a table, and demanding they be counted? Is there any feasible plan here that makes sense, no matter what incorrect notions it’s based on?

I guess hold up the place and mix in the ballots and shuffle them all so no one knows one from another.

You just take out the ones printed in crayon.

This made as much sense as the plan to kidnap a governor.

It’s when crazy people are productive or effective that we need to worry.

It would not be that easy to generate fake ballots that would actually work in the scanners*. If they actually had a truckload of fake ballots, there are way more people involved that should be tracked down and charged.

*Of course, for all I know, they just printed out a bunch of the sample ballots from the internet on 81/2 x 11 paper or something.