QAnon Shaman has filed paperwork to run for Congress

Just when I thought we had seen the worst of the crazy stuff coming from the far right, this happens. I’ve expressed in other threads that I just don’t understand how anyone could support this kind of stuff, and it’s been explained to me, but IMHO this is beyond ridiculous, and I’ll again state that I don’t understand how anyone could support this kind of thing. To clarify, I can understand it intellectually, but on an emotional level it makes no sense.

Christian values!

Will he be forced to wear an actual suit?

I would say he should but he still gets to wear the paint and bison hat.
I’m divided on the spear.

He’s actually the perfect representation of the modern GOP.

In the year 2050, you’ll look back on how he became House Majority Leader in 2028 by stabbing the other contenders with his spear, and think “Ah, things were so much more normal and civilized back then.”

If he’s filing, the only person it has to make sense to is him. And he’s a wacko. Both an intellectual wacko and an emotional wacko.

Now if he’s got 100K signatures or whatever, that’s proof a hefty fraction of the populace has decided they think of politics as just another reality TV show existing for their entertainment. Having been fed an ever-increasing diet of that packaging of politics for about 30 years now, they’re simply addicted to mental junk food.

Appalling, but hardly surprising.

So, can the Arizona Secretary of State deny him ballot access under the 14th Amendment?

Couldn’t the 14th Amendment be used to disqualify him?

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What’s so surprising? He has prior experience on the floors of congress, he’s the perfect man for the job.

A WAPO investigative report, in which reporters spoke with insiders in the Trump camp, reveals that one part of Trump’s grand scheme for his “presidency” is to activate the Sedition Act so he can call out the military to quell demonstrations. If people will vote for someone who will do that, they will vote for any lamebrain.

This will be a very interesting test case of exactly that premise. Off top of head I don’t know how honest or MAGA the AZ SoS or their staff are.

If they don’t promptly deny him access, clearly somebody will sue to try to force that outcome. Standing and even more so timeliness will be issues, because the actual factual harm doesn’t accrue until the ballot with them on it gets voted upon.

Lotta ways for legit legal technicalities to produce a bad outcome here.

I don’t think the 14th applies to his case. The amendment specifies that it only bars those who committed insurrection while being someone who has taken an oath to support the constitution. It lists officeholders of various elected positions, but makes no mention of barring an ordinary person who has not taken such an oath from subsequently running for or holding office. Presumably those who wrote that amendment figured that it should be obvious that an ordinary citizen who committed insurrection would never even be considered for elected office by their fellow citizens.

Please don’t, Arizona. He’s running as a “Libertarian”, I assume that means an independent who will only take GOP votes. I’m tempted to send a qontribution to his qampaign.

IIRC, Arizona was the first state to remove an officeholder for participation in the January 6 insurrection.

That said, it might not apply to this guy, unless he’s a veteran.

Good point.

Not that I’m planning on insurrection, but just as a matter of interest, as an immigrant do I make this oath when I become a US citizen?

Yes, one of so many things that the Founders got wrong was assuming that democracy would thrive because voters are educated and well-informed, capable of good judgment, and always will be. Today you pretty much have to be a certified lunatic to be elected on a GOP ticket, a state of affairs the founders could never have envisioned. And that thing they wrote about militias and gun rights – lots of stuff they never envisioned.

This guy is just trying to catch the Crazy Train, and may well succeed in doing so. At another level but with the same cynical cunning, Vivek Ramasmany is trying to do the same thing. “The Crazier the Better” is today’s new GOP mantra.


IF elected, QAnon nut case should try to pass a bill that all people that identify as republicans must wear horns on their head. Sort of fitting really.

I imagine his extended family are quietly trying to figure out where they can move to.

Horn, singular, for the RINOs of course.

Who would vote for him?

On the one side, he’s a convicted criminal who committed trespass in the nation’s capitol and engaged in insurrection.

On the other side, he publicly apologized for what he did, said it was wrong, and attacked Trump.

“I am deeply disappointed in former President Trump. He was not honorable. He let a lot of peaceful people down. I have to leave judging him up to other people,” said Chansley.

What’s left? I expect he has managed to alienate everyone.